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Back in Black

Okay, so I'm like a week short of my one month target, but too bad. Ohhh, do I have updates for you!

What I did on my blog hiatus:
- Gave Cookie back to the car dealership (she was a company car).
- Began a lease on Gus, a cute little silver Golf GLS. He's so cute!
- The agency I worked for closed its doors.
- Subsequently, I lost my job.
- I applied for unemployment benefits for the first time.
- Three co-workers and I made a failed attempt to buy the agency. Negotations ended the day before I went to Italy.
- I went to Italy for 12 days.
- I slept through the blackout.
- I climbed three towers (including the Leaning Tower) and a Duomo, saw Venice, rode a scooter on winding Tuscan roads, hiked the Cinque Terre, and ate more mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes than anyone ever really should.
- I came home.
- I slept for 12 hours.

I'll be posting my travel journal entries soon, along with lots of photos (Jeremy took over 1,000 digital shots, plus I took a few rolls of black & white film). In the meantime, I'm hanging out in my pajamas at the Lovenest, trolling Monster and looking up showtimes for the new Jack Black movie. Later, dudes.

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Welcome back! This is so exciting.

Wheeeee! She's back.

The Duomo ia an amazing piece of architecture. I went to Florence last January and it's one of the best cities in Europe.

Pictures! We want pictures!

I loved the Duomo, the stairs are the best going up.. and then when it opens into the balcony by the dome, its the best.. can't wait to hear more.

glad you had a nice trip. drag about the agency closing.

me! can we talk about me now?!

Thank God! I was going through something similar to the DT's here! We HAVE to get together for drinks. So much to tell you.

Sounds like a wonderful trip. Drag about your job. Why buy the agency? Start one yourself and poach the clients. I would think non-comps would be null with an agency closing its doors.

Out of curiosity, did you see my name painted on the wall of the Tunnel of Love at the Cinque Terre (Clint Pidlubny was here sometime in august 1998 - very creative, eh)? An unbelievable hike - no??

BTW, welcome back.

we missed you!!!