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Just Like Actors in Hollywood

I think I'm on hiatus.

Let's say for a month. We'll see if I can actually keep my mouth shut for that long. If I can, then I guess I'll see you all on October 15.


Posted September 15, 2003 10:34 PM | On This Day: 2005 2004 2002



i miss you already.

p.s. does anyone else find it hilarious that i am posting stuff on my friend's sister's website? i sure do.

Meggie - you can run but you can't hide....

You better give me that home phone number again!

Ack! Where will we go? What will we do?

God dammit. Now I have to CALL YOU.

seriously?! does this go for the lovenest blog as well? is everything okay?

everything is A-OKAY, everybody! i just need a blogging break. i feel like i don't have much to say.

but, like i said, we'll see if i can actually keep my trap shut for a whole month. i probably will break down and blog like in a week.

It's been my experience that the minute ones goes on hiatus, one suddenly finds a million things to write about. Keep notes. See ya when we see ya baby!

hmm. this is getting depressing! ;)

I think we should all say a few words every time we check to see if this "hiatus" is for real. I'd love to see the web stats.


me too. seriously, what am i going to do all weekend?

come back.

Ack! I haven't written anything myself in over a week! The least you can do is give me reading material! :-)

Get on the stick, girlie!

Hellloooooooo.....anyone there????? I am going to echo this every time I check from now on. (till you give me a little somethin -somethin)

We love you Eddie.

this is a horrible time for you to be on hiatus. I know you have news for us...

What news does Grid "KNOW" you have?

Two more reasons to worry:

The Kingom of Squirrels seems to be gone.

The Lovenest appears to have followed.

it's like there's some kind of terminal STD that only blogs can catch!

only seven more days to go.

Does anyone know how recent the most recent poem is?

"why" is late summer/fall of 2002 as I remember it.

What happened in Italy!!??? Black outs, mayhem, scooters, Italian folks, what???!!! Throw us a bone!