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Wild Books on the Loose

I got an email today about a "poetical happening" on September 11. The idea being that on that day, people should take a book that is important to them, or has somehow affected their vision of the world, make an inscription in it (a dedication, an email address, a drawing), and leave the book somewhere for someone else to find. The email purports to have originated with various publishers worldwide, but I can find no verification on their websites so I'm not pasting the whole email here. I think it might be bullshit, but it's a nice idea.

Anyway, in my search for the truth, I discovered a pretty cool site (that looks to have inspired the email I received). The site, BookCrossing, is a global "book club" in which people leave books for others to find, post reviews, etc. The super cool thing is that you can post "Release Notes" on your book after hiding it somewhere and people can read your notes for clues on where to find the literary treasure. According to the site, there are nearly 18,000 books currently "in the wild" in the US. Nearly 1,400 of those are in Minnesota! I even found one in my town that I'm going to try to find on my way home from work.


Now go find a book.

Posted September 9, 2003 3:43 PM



wowsa--that bookcrossing thing is really cool. it's almost better than the st. paul winter carnival medallian hunt. it's perpetual. how fun!

sounds like a cross between the movie "serendipity" and geocaching.

Very cool idea. It reminds me of when I was travelling through Europe. Almost all the Hostels would have travel books on tables in the common space, left by previous vistors. The owner would write something about using the book and then leaving it somewhere for the next traveller to find. It saved me money and most of the time there were fantastic tips on places to see.

when I was a kid some friends and I found a garbage can burried in the woods with lots of porn magazines in it.