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Drill Team

Tonight marks my third migraine in 4 weeks. Ever seen the movie Pi? There's a scene in the movie where the protaganist (a genius who suffers from migraines...sound familiar?) tries to drill a hole in his head to relieve the pressure from the headache. I feel his pain.

What sucks royally is that it came on right as I arrived at Mopsa's house. And I really needed some Mopsa time. It's like Calgon time, but softer and more bubbly. It's like Hammer time, but...not.

In other news:
Friday night we babysat Bella, Jeremy's niece. We took her out with us for Juggy's birthday dinner at Taste of India, and she did amazingly well for a tired 3-year-old. She enjoyed a ride in the convertible, and ate more rice than I've ever seen a person of that size consume. Frankly, I think it was more rice than I've ever seen any person of any size consume.

Saturday, I went over to my friend Suzanne's to stamp. That's right, to stamp. Suz is a Stampin' Up representative, and I needed to make a gift for Bill's parents - a thank you for the wonderful weekend we spent at their lake house in Okoboji. I stamped them up a guest book that they appeared to like. Jeremy is now scheming a way to get Bill's parents to like him more than they like me. Good luck, buddy!

Sunday morning we got up at an ungodly hour and met the tribe for the St. Paul Classic. 33 miles of pure hell biking pleasure. Seriously, it was sort of fun, but I see why they only do it once a year. It's because you need that much time to forget how fucking hard it is. But I made it. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Sunday night, to celebrate Bill's 35th birthday, we had dinner at Fuji Ya with him, his wife Michelle, and his parents, Smitty and Pat. Let me just say that I love that Bill's dad is called Smitty only slightly less than I love that Jeremy's dad is called Butch, and that my uncle is called Babe. I'm all for sweet-ass nicknames. I want to have kids and give them a name but then call them something else that's cute and spunky. Like, Virginia, but then I'd call her Ginger. Just like Fred Astaire's dance partner and my favorite Spice Girl. (Okay, I'm lying, I don't have a favorite Spice Girl. That would be like picking a favorite child.)

Tonight, I'm recuperating, and admiring my superdeduper great fiance. I love him like a fat kid love cake. He's the coolest and the greatest - even when he's super cranky!

That is all. Begone.

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if I'm calgon then you're mister bubbles. and if I'm Hammer then you're the fresh princess.

glad you're feeling better.