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Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Went to my first Tai Chi class tonight with J. I don't think it's my cup of tea, but it was certainly interesting. I think my favorite part was when we did the hip warmups, moving our pelvises (pelvii?) around in a circle, first small, then big. Did I mention that I was the only girl in a room full of middle-aged men with names like Gus? Pretty sweet.

In other news, a yoga center is moving into my office building. Eggsalad! I heard they're going to have a locker room with showers and the whole bit, which is just completely kickass. I think they open in October. Also on the wellness front, I'm trying a new chiropractor tomorrow. I think maybe my current one isn't working so well, since I've been getting so many migraines.

Oh, and one more thing while we're on a health kick. I rejoined Weight Watchers last week. This sentence might sound familiar to you as I said it once before about a year ago. The thing is, somewhere round about 1999 I lost nearly 45 pounds. And it was, in the words of Bill & Ted, most excellent. And I've managed, in the 4 years since, to keep off around 30 of those pounds (give or take, depending on the time of year). Again, most excellent. But, my original goal was 63 pounds, and I kept meaning to go back and "finish." But, it's hard. It takes commitment and forethought and determination, which I possess in varying degrees at varying times. But I know I can do it because I did it once before. So, here I go again. The goal is 35.2 (which puts me in the proper range for my height). Wish me luck!

I'm off to drink 8 oz. of water and get a good night's sleep...

Posted August 25, 2003 11:01 PM




when i first tried tai chi it didn't grab me, either. maybe it was the teacher-nice, but boring, or whatever. now that i'm MUCH older, i encourage you to stay with it or try it again later. tai chi and qigong (chee kung) balances the ch'i in your mindbody so that everything runs perfectly again, your whole mindbody.

i'm at the first stage of trying to turn blob back into blog: gathering willpower and staying mindful. your post is really inspiring to me. it's amazing how a blog can do that.


I don't care much for chai tea. Oh, wait...

Y'know, losing weight is cool and all, but it all comes down to how you feel about yourself. You can be the exact height/weight balance, but still not like yourself in the mirror.

Or, you can throw the "charts" out the window and just do what makes you feel "balanced".

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to eat a pizza...

Tony, I think that is called Pie Chi. Just and FYI.. and isn't drinking 8 oz of water just before bed not a good way to get a good night of sleep, I know I would be up peeing all night long.

What do you mean by "Eggsalad?"

"Eggsalad" is how you say "Excellent" with a stuffy nose.

Now I can just picture Mr Burns saying...