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What could possibly draw such a crowd of awkward-looking pre-teen girls to downtown Minneapolis on a Thursday afternoon?


Tonight at The Quest, in an "intimate," sold-out Ascot Room performance.

Posted August 21, 2003 1:49 PM | On This Day: 2006



Uh-huh - the acoustic tour. Did I ever tell you that the missus is a HUGE Hanson fan? I believe we're going to see them in LA next weekend. You might be surprised... despite their bubble gum reputation, they've changed quite a bit. They're not bad...

the 'missus' is a huge fan. a likely story.

The brother band of long blonde hair kids?? They're still around??? They're still popular enough to draw a line-up of outside of anywhere???? They're not playing rib-fest or some wayout casino, opening for HATB (Hootie and the Blowfish for those not in the know)????? I revert to my second question. They're still around??????


Hanson? *Squeal!*

I bet this brings back memories of the time you camped out for New Kids on the Block tickets, doesn't it, Meghan?

I can't believe that they had to line up outside for a show in the ascot room, We had an office party there, it must hold 100 people tops.

That's just sick and wrong.

Oh, anonymous...I do not hide my New Kids love under a bushel basket. I have a picture of Joey McIntyre on my desk to this very day.

Bill: I have a feeling that none of the girls have ever seen the Ascot Room, or they wouldn't have bothered camping out. The room is so small, it's not like there's really a bad seat in the house.

unless there is another show going on at the qwest at the same time, then every spot is a bad spot.

nice pants