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Happy Days

You'll be happy to know that I'm slowly emerging from my stress spiral, and making progress on my lists of things to do.

As promised, here are some photos of my last two weekends: Chicago, IL and Okoboji, IA. Enjoy.

Posted August 20, 2003 10:21 AM | On This Day: 2002



In the immortal words of, well, you . . .

You're pretty. . .

the scary thing is, I have pictures of me getting ready for my wedding in front of that same mirror, you don't see in the picture the picture of my mom on the dressor but you do see my Dad in his High School Marching band outfit. And don't I look dashing in the hat, I think I am the only person alive that baseball caps are to big for their head

Man, I wanted to comment on like half of those pictures. Your captions just about made me bust a gut!!!

Please don't mock the fact that I spent more time admiring the image quality than the actual contents...

Anywho, it looks like you all had a super duper time, and it's nice that your stress level is tapering off to a more tolerable state. :-)

no mocking will take place. i feel the need to point out that the only reason all the photos are of ME is because i'm the only one without a camera. so, i end up on the lens-end of everyone else's.

i should also point out that all Chicago photos were taken by Marty, and all Iowa photos were taken by Jeremy. I don't want those two bastards suing me.

I think I might have to point out there in a couple of the pictures Jeremy is in them, how did he take them hmmmmmm..Meesa wonder

You went to the Original Pancake House?!? I'm so envious. I still dream about their Dutch Baby Treats...