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Ego Boosts & Baby Knits

The weekend: I'm going to start with my hotBED show on Saturday, which went GREAT! I performed a poem entirely from memory for the first time ever, and was invited to curate a hotBED show of my own sometime. Fun! Sarah Harris, the Artistic Director at Patrick's Cabaret was there, and invited me to come perform down there sometime. Double fun! So, all in all, it was wonderful and I felt really good about my performance. I didn't want it to be half-assed, and it wasn't. So, good!

Afterwards, went to the BLB with Mopsa, her lovely partner, and a few other folks for some food and drink. Found out Michael's wife, Cindy, is pregnant. Triple fun! This means I need to bust out my knitting needles ASAP. My friend Eric has a baby due in November, as does my cousin Molly. Plus, now this new little Koppelman. Booties and hats, booties and hats! I got a good lead on a book from Crafty Bitch, so I may have to pick that up. Either that, or turn to Caryn's grandma's trusty bootie pattern. So much to do!

Tomorrow, I'll tell you all about Sunday's events. Tonight, I have to go donate blood. You should, too. There's a major shortage right now.

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Hey Meggie--holla@chagirl...
I've had yet another brilliant business brain fart...I mean idea! This one is sure to fly!

"It's been a long time--since I left you w/o a fly beat to step to!"

I know.

Niiiiice booties meg. I will be making some in gender neutral yellow on my flight to Michigan this weekend!
Thanks for the G-ma props!