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In the News

I have a lot to say about my weekend, but in the few moments I have right now let me just say that I think it's really cool that the Rev. Canon V. Gene Robinson has been approved as a bishop in the Episcopalian church. I heard him on Fresh Air a couple of weeks ago, and he made one of the most articulate arguments regarding openly gay members and leaders of Christian churches that I've ever heard. Listen here.

Posted August 4, 2003 10:35 AM



I'm thinking of commenting on your weekend....

Yeah, rocking good news.

Now that we have a gay bishop, are we, like, finally going to expunge those parts of the Old Testament with all that horseshit about punishing homosexuals, adulterers, disobedient children, infidels, and all the other outrageous crap which makes no sense in contemporary society?

Church liberals just like to pass over the uncomfortable stuff and hope nobody will notice it ... which kind of makes them partly, although inadvertently, responsible for the continuance of the bigotry.

Not so fast...It looks as though some body doesn't want this wonderful man to become a Bishop. Allegations of sexual no-no's are being flung like shit to see what sticks....shameful

Yeah, if you guys kept up you'd know they didn't ordain him. Someone out East claimed that he touched him in an improper manner.

Although it's likely bs. Why wait until the night before to come out with this info. It's the right thing to do to wait, but I think it's a bunch of hooey. Yeah, I said hooey.

for a religion that preaches turning the other cheek, christians sure seem to make alot of acusations about others. I had to work at the convention center last week where this whole things was taking place, someone from with in the church had passed out flyers that were comparing homosexuals to Canibals.

speaking of throwing hate out, check this one out from Canada


if you vote for gay marriage you are going to burn in hell.

Or even "Treat others as you would like to be treated"

Or EVEN "All people are made in God's image"

How easily they forget the cornerstones of their own religion. I think the first one they even refer to as "The Golden Rule"

More like "The Golden Shower Rule" cause they piss on everyone they don't like.