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How Sweet The Sound

I added three poems last night. They're not new, just pieces I had put into blog entries at some point, but never posted to the poetry section. As always, enjoy. Or not.

In other news, I re-joined the Unofficial Poetry Slam listserv last night, and today Greg Gillam posted one of the funniest things I've read in a long while.

The Poetry Slam Drinking Game
created by Greg Gillam
Amazing Grace sung - 1 drink
National Anthem, other iconic song, starts poem - 1 drink
First word of poem is "I" - 1 drink
Poet dislikes father - 1 drink
Poet loves mother, grandmother - 1 drink
Poem is about 911 - 1 drink
Poem contains ludricous, yet inevitable, 911 reference - 1 drink
"Free Mumia" - 1 drink
Poet mentions writing poems - 1 drink
Poet compares how they write poem to work of famous artist - 1 drink
Famous artist is not a musician - 2 drinks
Poet who mentions jazz actually listens to jazz - 2 drinks
An entire bout occurs without mention of jazz or rock - Drain glass, order another
Poet mentions slam - 1 drink
Poet slams slam in slam - 1 drink
Poet works it for points while reading poem slamming slam - 1 drink
Person standing next to you gets mad at poet slamming slam in a slam poem - 1 drink
Poet refers to America as if addressing a person - 1 drink
America is being called - 2 drinks
America is being written a poem - 2 drinks
America is asked/told about its children - 1 drink
Poet addresses "you" - 1 drink
"You" are an ex - 1 drink
"You" are basically scum - 1 drink
"You" were absolutely right to break up with poet - 3 drinks
Poet starts performing in the audience - 1 drink
Not realizing it's the slammer, audience hushes poet - 3 drinks
Poet trips and falls while in audience - drain glass

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i've got a whole new set of rules for my poetry now. now it's a matter of integrating all the "drain glass" and 3 drink themes...


This could be very dangerous at Kieran's.