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Performance Anxiety

I think I'm going to drive to Chicago on August 9 to catch the National Poetry Slam finals. It's team finals only; this year they decided to do Individual finals on Friday night. Kind of sucks (because I don't want to take Friday off), but them's the breaks.

I'll be going solo, since Mr. Wonderful has Skooter Du 4 that weekend. That kind of sucks, too! The lovenest will be oh-so-lonely.

I'll probably stay with my lovely cousin Lyz, which should be fun. Cousin Justine may be in town as well, so a cousinly ladies lunch may be in order before I head home on Sunday. It will also be fun to see some poetry peeps: Ms. Spelt, Kenn Rodriguez, Marty Kruse, etc. I sincerely hope that despite the fact that I'm missing Indie Finals, that I'll get to see Shane Koyczan perform. But I have a feeling it's a slim chance. Yet another thing that sucks.

But Cookie and I on a mini-road trip? That most definitely does not suck!

Meanwhile, I'm performing at Intermedia Arts this Saturday as part of the August hotBED (no boys allowed, sorry). Have I prepared for this? No. Am I freaking out? Yes. I'll be burning the midnight oil this week trying to write some new stuff around the theme of "body issues." Good thing I have a lot of material on that topic. Issues galore, baby!

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I wanted to go to Scooter Du, but the discriminatory bastards make you have to ALREADY own a scooter. Apox on thee, scooter nerds!!!!

Have fun on your trip and take LOTS of pictures.

Madison is on the way to Chicago, you could stop and see another cousin and your favorite asian...

woah! I wonder if you want a hitchiker...!?!

Oh, you have to go see my friend Daphne Gottlieb! She's awesome. Tell her that wildsoda says hi, too — she'll get a kick out of that.

Hey, did you get my postcard yet?

Ali: I got your postcard, thanks! Glad to hear things are going well for you in Prague, I've been keeping up on you via your site!

I will look for Daphne and tell her you said hi!