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Crosswords & Coffee

Me: What's a four-letter word for an Elton John musical?
J: Gay
Me: That's only three letters.
J: Try it with an exclamation point.
Me: It fits!


J: What's a seven-letter word for "more cozy?"
Me: No idea.
J: Oh...it's spunger.
Me: What? That's not a word.
J: It fits!

This is only our 3rd week getting the Sunday paper, but I feel like we're really getting the hang of this crossword thing.

Posted July 20, 2003 11:13 PM



What WERE the real answers? huh?

Aida? and snuggle? what? huh? come on!

Well I'd be inclined to agree with Meg here. Anyway, crosswords are jsut that much easier with made up innovative words instead of the stock standard ones.

Sunday papers huh?

Our Sunday Habit is: Mike gets the crossword first (I have to amuse him, he's only been doing the crosswords for about a year), then he hands it to me. Then we work on it throughout the day -- with and without the kids. We only have 5 unfinished words from yesterday. Call us NERDS, but it keeps us all so smart.

I'm getting the feeling these types of posts are long gone.


I'm still thinking of doing my own crossword puzzle.... be warned, the worlds most challanging crosword is comming to America.

Holy Domestic Bliss

I blame this latest example of "new English" on the Democrats! ;)

Who knew Jeremy was such a homophobe?

Who knew Jeremy was such a homophobe?