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Ultra Sound

Tomorrow morning at 9:00am, I am getting a thyroid ultrasound. When I had a physical recently, my new doctor felt my thyroid and wanted to do some tests. Which reminded me that the ER doctor from Memorial Day weekend said my thyroid seemed enlarged. I seem to have promptly forgotten that information.

Anyway, the result of the blood test was that some level of something is higher than normal, which could indicate hypothyroidism. Hence the ultrasound on my neck tomorrow. Then, next week I meet with my doctor to discuss all the test results, next steps, and possible medication.

I'm trying hard not to think about the fact that everything I look up regarding thyroid ultrasounds talks about cancer.

UPDATE: Ultrasound is complete and was completely painless.

Me: So, can you tell if something's wrong right away?
Tony (the ultrasound technician): Yeah, pretty much. *Pause* But, they won't let me tell you anything.
Me: So, do you have to practice keeping a poker face if there's something really horrible?
Tony: Sometimes, yeah.
Me: *gulp*

Anyway, Tony sends the pictures to someone who "reads" them, then sends the results to my doctor in a week. I'm going to see her next Friday, so until then we just won't think about it, will we? It's probably nothing, anyway. I just like to give the drama a little slap on the ass when it walks by. If you get my meaning.

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Oh darlin, you'll be ok. It's best that you're being proactive about it. I'll send you good ju ju and I'll await your call with an update after the appointment.

freaky - i went to the webMD link and read the whole thing. let's just hope you don't get the goiter.

are you pregnant? sorry - none of my business...

i do want to say though, that webMD is a highly cautious site - when talking about health, i guess it's good to be. but, everything i've ever looked up on there about my health always points to some life threatening condition i should get tested for.

Hey kid, you're gonna be alright. Hyperactive thyroid seems to run in my family, but thus far it hasn't turned into cancer with anyone yet. So don't look at cancer as a sure bet. If you wan/need any other info before you go to the doctor, let me know.

um, pregnant?! no. unless there's a baby in my throat.

for some reason, the word "goiter" has me singing "girlfriend with a goiter" in my head (to the tune of Morrissey's "girlfriend in a coma").

"i know, i know...it's really serious..."

morrissey is a plague, and you've just infected me.


Dammit, Meg. Why the hell haven't I heard about this crap? I'm going kick your ass next time I see you.