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There was less adventure and fewer brushes with fame than last year, but volunteering at the Basilica Block Party was still fun. Becca and I plan to do it again next year; it's fun to hang out backstage and see how things work. Much more fun than the actual concert, which we usually don't stick around for. Sort of backwards, but that's how we are. This year, we drove Kathleen Edwards and her band. She, the band, and their manager were all very nice, and her sound check and set (which we heard most of) sounded good. I'll pick up her album if I see it around.

I talked to Kathleen's manager and to the Block Party production staff briefly about their jobs. Someday (not soon, but in a few years, surely), I'll probably want to switch careers and band management sounds like it might be up my alley. I talked to Jack about it too (he's got lots of music industry experience), and it sounds like a combination of project management and babysitting, and I'm experienced at both. Something to think about, anyway.

After volunteering, Jeremy and I went over to Bill & Michelle's for Bill's famous vegetarian fajitas. Then to Pirates of the Caribbean, which I throuroughly enjoyed, even thought I got fidgety at the end (We went to the 10:40pm show, so I was getting tired and shifty. Sorry, honey.). Johnny Depp did an excellent job (with both acting and eyeliner application), and Orlando Bloom was much cuter than he is with that blonde wig and elfin ears he's stuffed into during Lord of the Rings. Speaking of which...we saw a preview for Hidalgo, which means I can get a pre-Return of the King Viggo fix this fall. Yay!

Oh, and the female lead in Pirates was the girl from Bend it Like Beckham. I didn't know that until Austin told me at dinner last night; wondering where I had seen that actress before was driving me CRAZY during the film. Anyway, she's totally beautiful, but Jeremy thinks her neck is too long. Who looks at a neck?! Thank goodness I have a stumpy neck, or our relationship might be doomed.

At the weekly family dinner last night, we all got to see Rupert's new haircut. Apparently the groomer couldn't finish the job, because Rupee was freaking out and peeing all over the place while they were cutting his hair. So they just did his body and left his head, tail and legs alone. The resulting look is that he appears to be wearing furry moon boots. They apparently also gave him a bath, which has given him an odor that Lulu (my parents' other cat) neither recognizes nor likes. Lots of hissing fits ensued. But seriously, the haircut is fucked up. These photos don't do it justice. And my mom feels bad now for always yelling at Rupee for being fat and pigging out on his food all the time; turns out he's really skinny under all that hair.

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That is sweet! I've never, EVER seen a cat with a haircut. Is that common?

I don't think it's really "common," but my friend Jennie had her cat's hair cut several years ago. It went about as well as Rupert's except that her cat ended up looking like a bat. And they drugged him to curb the freaking out part. Cats don't seem to dig haircuts. But, the long-haired ones tend to get big nappy dreadlocks that need to get cut off. Plus, it's great for a laugh.

Cat's get their haircut all the time and it is no big deal.

Why, in almost every episode of Tom and Jerry, Tom manages to get his coat; ripped, burned, mowed, shaved or blasted off.

In fact, you could even count on Tom having his entire skin torn off at least once a week.....

(Although come to think of it, he didn't really seem to care to much for it either....)

Rupee looks like a pipe cleaner with that tail.

ok, I will be the one to sink down for the obvious comment... but there is nothing like a good shaved (uh.. dare I say it.. I don't know, this is a public site, but you know, every guy who looks at this site is thinking it so dare I say it any way, well, ok.. here goes)


Came here to check up on you.

Bliss survives a newly renovated swamped basement, it seems... and even night battering incidents. Those joints have a mind of their own!

I love the poem Happy Accident. Really.

Poor Kitty. Yikes! No more Cost Cutters.

If I thought I could follow it up, I'd say let's drink but life just isn't letting me out of its clutches so easily these days. You know I luv u tho... right?

(Keep writing poems. It's good for you and the world.)

Say hi to you-know-who.