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Baby Ink Makes Me Cry

This is a joke, right? I mean...it's just so fucked up it can't be real, right?!

All I have to say is thank goodness my parents would never have let me get a tattoo when I was little or I'd probably have Anne of Green Gables on my ass.

UPDATE: I'm an idiot. It is, of course, a joke.

Posted July 11, 2003 12:07 PM | On This Day: 2002



just think of the benifits of identifying your baby with a good tatoo... maybe we could even start a barcode system and put them on babies so we know exactly who is who...

I identified the site as a joke by the photos of the kids gleefully accepting the tattoo needles in their arms.

barcodes sounds too much like the mayans with their naming convention. and we all knew what happened to them!

what happened to them? I thought they became mexico.

I guess I should have read your entire posting before jumping over to the babyink site, cuz I sure was peeved that parents would do that.
I'm good a recognizing an urban legend when someone relates a story to me, but it seems I need to recognize websites that are "relating" the legend.

Um...what's the story about the mayans and their naming convention?