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Measuring Cups

I put up a new poem called "the metric system."

Enjoy. Or not.

Posted July 9, 2003 11:29 AM | On This Day: 2002



Nice to see you putting new things up. I really adore your poetry. This one is no exception.

My modus operandi is to read one of your new poems and then, struck by how evocative they are, I am FORCED to going back and re-read some of your older stuff to feed my serious IG poetry jonesing.

You have such a talent for this.

You know I'm a fan of your poetry! It was great, though I can't believe you quit smoking! Doesn't that mean you are going to lose your bohemian poet union card? Or did that happen when you moved to the suburbs?

wow. very beautiful words.

You should write a poem about braking for monster booty. Meeting the girl who actually does brake for monster booty was the highlight of July 4th weekend. That and making fun of how much of a dork Nora was in highschool. Excellent poem, by the way.

Wow! you make it seem so easy, like if I were to pick up a pen again I wouldn't run headlong into a wall and fall right on my butt...again. Beautiful work.

dinky chicken shorts...that is the best phrase EVER.

with love