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Big Ole Behind

I feel so behind on updating my blog that it's starting to feel like work. I've been neglectful lately mostly because I've lacked the time and energy to sit down and compose anything interesting and because I don't want this to turn into the one-of-two-subjects blog. The first subject being Omigod I'm So in Love and the second being The Home Repair Chronicles.

That being said, here's what I've been up to:

Work (The Home Repair Chronicles)
Basement, basement, basement. Washed and painted half the floor. Painted the walls, first with primer, then with a coat of Ironstone White. Painted the beams and pillars with Dogwood Blossom. Walls along the staircase will be Corn Silk. Now we just need to finish the other half of the floor and buy some shelving and we'll be well on our way to a basement you can actually hang out in. Thank you, Martha!

It's Greek to Me: Great patio. Mediocre food. I'm willing to give it another shot, though, as I've heard good things from several people. So maybe I just picked the wrong things this time around. The Greek white wine we tried was good, but the green beans were strictly church basement.

The Blue Nile: I've been wanting to try this place forever. Jeremy, Jack, Bill, Michelle and I made it over there two weekends ago. I totally dig the shared platter thing, and the bread that you scoop your food with was dee-lish. I recommend it if you're up for something different (like no silverware) and have a lot of time on your hands (our service was s - l - o - w).

Whale Rider: A must-see. Stunningly beautiful, and the girl who plays the lead is incredible.

Legally Blonde II: Come on. It was cute. And it made me want to go shopping for items that are pink.

Holes: Better than I thought it'd be. Slightly surreal, which is how all kids' movies should be. And Henry Winkler totally looks like my dad, which pisses him off, but is true.

Aguirre: The Wrath of God: The first Herzog film I've seen. Germans are freaky! But, it was an interesting film. I'm interested to see My Best Fiend now, especially after reading more about Klaus Kinski on the DVD's special features. Seriously, Germans are freaky!

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: Okay, I had already seen this one, but we Netflixed it because Jeremy hadn't seen it yet and I insist that he come see the next one with me.

The Italian Job: Marginal. I felt like none of the actors were really into it, and there was zero chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron, but I guess it was okay for a mindless summer flick. It ain't no Legally Blonde, though.

Mopsa's lovely partner's birthday barbeque on the 4th of July which was an absolute blast. They're a lovely couple, and the LP's family is so sweet you could frost them and eat them for dessert. Gave the LP's four-year-old niece a ride in my "bug car" during which she shouted "HELLO, PEOPLE!" at the top of her lungs to everyone we passed. It was cool.

My mom's 54th birthday, which was celebrated at the aforementioned Greek restaurant. There was only one brief family altercation and for once it was neither instigated nor exacerbated by me. Yay.

BBQ at Becca's which Caryn was in town for. Good to see her, as always, and fun to hang out with everyone on a beautiful evening.

Other (Omigod I'm So in Love)
I also had one of the best weekends ever hanging out with you know who doing just about nothing. We ate breakfasts, went to movies, went to the beach (which was so fun we went to Target right afterward so that I could get a beach ball and some sand toys for our next trip), went out to dinner, watched fireworks, read books...it was awesome. Living together rules. And I know we're still in the early swoony stages, but anyone who feels like raining on my parade about it...don't.

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I totally agree with you about the Italian Job. Everyone else I knew loved it-and I thought it was a bad copy of the Ocean's Eleven remake done a few years ago.

My opinion is that if you want to see a great Mark Wahlberg caper movie, see 'The Big Hit'. His chemistry with Christina Applegate was so much better. And Lou Diamond Philllips is fucking funny.

The Italian Job was a bad remake of the original Italian Job from the sixties (or was it the seventies?) with Michael Caine. Give the original a try; you may change your tune.

When are we going to see some photos of your remodeling work? You certainly wouldn't lose a reader in me if you posted more often about that kind of stuff.

New Relationship Smell!

It's like New Car Smell, only better. And, yes, I know. This is just a change of an existing relationship. But still, I liked the analogy.

Enjoy the fragrance. It's heady stuff. :)

Greek to Me mediocre? Wow! I have never been there and thought it mediocre. Please do give it another try. In my opinion this is consistently one of the better Greek places I have ever eaten at.

I agree on the Italian Job. Except.. my friend TJ got his first scoring and playing credits for some of the scenes in this movie so I gotta buy it if only out of loyalty. He did the piano work after the Donald Sutherland death and all the music for the junk yard scenes.

Re: Raining on your parade and Ohmygod you're so in love ----
In the immortal words of Sir Paul McCartney:
Love doesn't come in a minute
Sometimes it doesn't come at all
I only know that when I'm in it
It isn't silly, love isn't silly, love isn't silly at all...

yeah, natalie: i put the original on my netflix list but they haven't released it on DVD yet. my guess is that they'll release it around the same time as the remake. i may have to break down and rent the good ole VHS...

I've totally enjoyed every visit I have had to the Blue Nile. Yum!
I've dined once at It's Greek to Me and I disliked it. Maybe I dislike Greek food because I have disliked every Greek restaurant I have tried.
I need to read the paper more often or something...none of those movies look familiar.