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Send in the clowns. Oh wait, they already live here.

The thing that sucks about being busy is that, while you don't have time to blog, you are out doing things and thinking about things that you really want to blog about. My mind is racing with things to say, I just don't have the damn time to sit down and do it what with the new job, new digs, and a man that requires constant attention. Okay, so I made up the last part. But everything else is true.

First things first, though: the Amityville chronicles.

Last week, J had his basement waterproofed. It took only two days, and apart from the jackhammering that began at 8:00am the first morning, was relatively painless. We dutifully let the concrete dry, and planned to paint the walls and floor afterward, creating a semi-finished feel and a home for a lot of our media stuff (a plethora of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, etc.).

And then the storm came. The raging-ass thunderstorm in which we discovered that the pump was not properly installed and that we had several inches of water covering the basement. The good news was that we discovered that BEFORE we moved all our crap down there. So we get the water cleaned out, get some fans going to dry the air, and invest in a dehumidifier.

Saturday, we start painting the walls. Everything is fine and good until J discovers a pile of fur next to the water softener. Except that it's not fur, it's wickedly disgusting mold. Argh! So we bust out the bleach water and kill all the mold we can find, and seal and paint the areas that are not mold-infested.

That night, while at dinner at the Blue Nile (see - I did fun things that I really need to write about later!), we realize it's raining. And that we forgot to plug the pump back in after painting. We squeal back home, realize no water has gotten in, and plug in the pump. Whew.

Sunday, I work in the yard all day while J finishes painting. Later, we decide it might be time to do one of our 6 loads of dirty laundry. Except, guess what? Something about the washing machine hookup is wacky. See, I forgot to mention that the waterproofing guys offered to take away our bulky old laundry tub. J took them up on it, and bought a smaller one at Home Depot. Except that it doesn't fit correctly on the existing pipes and is just sitting over the drain waiting for Michael, J's handyman friend, to come over and help. Ack!

So back to the washing machine. Because the laundry tub isn't hooked up right, the washing machine isn't hooked up quite right. The hows and whys don't really matter, the point is that after our first load, we had a basement full of water again. Except this time, it was soapy water from the washing machine.

Cue clown music.

Posted July 1, 2003 7:04 PM



I recently bought my 1st house and have very similar stories. My Dad tells me it's all part of life and I'll appreciate the experience and laugh later.... I say sure, whatever Dad.

Is it just me, or does this whole situation remind you of that movie, The Money Pit? Just wonderin'.

I tend to cue the clown music in my head whenever IG is around.

Funny--none of the rest of us hear clown music in their heads...Maybe it's just you tortoise... ;-)


What was the most exciting thing that happened to me this week(that was home related)?

I cleaned out my fridge. Not that it wasn't without peril.

I had a similar weekend. I was fixing the bathtub faucets, so I turned off the water main, fixed the faucets, then went to turn the water back on, the valve starts spewing water all over... needless to say three trips to the hardware store, 8 hours of pained worrying, hemming and hahhing etc..., 5 minutes with a saws-all and a compression joint valve, and all is well again...

Famous quote from the plumber store dude; "Yup, your gonna get a little wet, comes with the territory."

Okee, so I had not at all a similair weekend; damned weird people, the Irish.
Anyway, it's all pretty funny, but I keep wondering how the hell I ended up here. Stupid internet, it confuses the hell outta me!