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Guess what? I got a promotion and my boss gave me one of these as a congratulatory gift. Now I need one of these!

Posted June 26, 2003 1:56 PM | On This Day: 2002



Who's Ipod is bigger? ;-)

you must be the fastest corporate climber i've ever known.

it's nice to be recognized for your achievements!


I am so jealous, I have worked here for years and all I have gotten is well, not much.. some pencils and maybe a couple pads of paper, and some pens, and a couple dozen stapelers, a lamp, a desk chair, some florecent light bulbs, a couple hundred pounds of coffee, 100 styrofoam cups, and a coffee mug with the company logo on it.

what, no toilet paper?!

I've got Gage toilet paper at home :-).

Gage toilet paper? You mean you were extended that ownership incentive plan too?

Good for you Meggie. You are da best!

By the by, if you are going to take the TP home...why Gage? That stuff if like wiping with thin sand paper. Talk about doubling up! Geez..

FYI: The Health and Human Services building in DC has some fine toilet paper...unfortunately I don't have the security clearance to nab a few rolls.

Oh...and your boss has good taste in "gifts". That thing is impressive!

YOU are impressive, Meggie! Congrats on the promotion.

I'm jealous. All I got with my promotion was a new set of business cards.

Are you sure you're not putting out? ;^)

oof! slow down. I think IG is every bit as good at what she does as her promotions/gifts indicate.

it would be great (and from the above comments I feel like I'm not alone) if everyone could get some killer positive reinforcement for their efforts.

me-"what kind of benefits do I get?"

employer-"well, there aren't any benefits, or raises, but you can steal toilet paper from the bathroom."

me-"well...better than my last job... I'll take it."

Simma down, ninja-turtle-boy. I'm just giving IG some trouble. I think she can take a little ribbing. If not, I'll sleep with one eye open in case she tries to cut me.

Meghan, I really am happy for you.

Ahhh man, my boss would never be so awesome as to get me an I-pod.
Oh yeah, its because I'm my own boss, and so it would come out of my own pocket! : )

Congratulations on the promotion!