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Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzzzzzzt.

My baby brother is getting a tattoo as we speak! This happy scene will not be recreated until long after my dad recovers from the shock. Apparently Patrick was warned that getting the tattoo would result in being kicked out of the house. Ah, Rebellion!

Side note: I have to explain the baby picture above. When Patrick was a little shaver, he would indicate that he was finished with his mashed potatoes by putting the tin bowl on top of his head and doing the universal sign for, "Ta-da!" It was the cutest damn thing I ever saw.

UPDATE: Here it is, in all it's glory. The design is from a t-shirt that Austin got in Ireland. I think it looks great!

Posted June 19, 2003 11:41 AM | On This Day: 2006 2002



I think it's your responsibility to take him in since you're the elder. Plus, Jeremy has a house, and Pat likes to live in dank basements. You can't get rid of the dank!!

But the dank, Moe....the dank!!!

I don't think that was the sign for ta da, I think it was the sign for touchdown. I think you have to take him in, it is your responsibility, you have to teach him, it is up to you to make sure he turns into a propper rebel.

austin, he's already said he'd prefer to shack up with you! sorry. the basement is being waterproofed as we speak, so no dank, no wet, no Pat!

next up for patrick...a big ying yang right on his forehead. represent your asian heritage, pat!

Holy Christ!!

The day the Asian guy misspells "yin and yang," why that's a sad day indeed.

What time is Pat getting home tonight? I want to show up with a soda and a bag of popcorn and watch the drama unfold.

i think there might be a delay in the drama. i think pops is out of town.

PS -- your dad is hot.

well i need to sleep somewhere...my buddy twigs says i can sleep at his house fro a week but after that i need shelter even iff it is only for one night. so anyone reading this that lives in mpls that will let a 18 year old kid sleep on their floor should contact me immediatly

You could come and stay with me I have a floor, but your sister wouldn't let you. ( I might turn you into a whore like me)

Hey McNugget-

As long as I have a garage - you have a place to stay.

You can crash at my place, which i lovingly refer to as "The Pit." But I don't think your sister would let you stay at my place either-might turn you into a drunken poet, or a general layabout.

just don't tell him... i mean, other siblings get away with it right? (c:

my mom threatened me with that once... when i got my motorcycle. thankfully my mother loved me enough to let me stay at home.

I am with Juggs - who is selling the tickets for thIS Springer-style episode.

holy shit! that's a big tattoo. i was expecting something much much much smaller. wow!