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It's That Kind of Day

On my way to work, Radio K played Mr. Blue Sky by ELO.

"Where have I heard this song before?" I thought to myself. I called the DJ to ask for the artist and song.

"Ohhh!" I exclaimed, "Isn't this from a Volkswagen commercial?!"

"Uh, yeah," he replied, with a tone in his voice that made me feel dumb. But, I thought to myself, he's probably just being smug because of course this song isn't originally from a Volkswagen commercial, it was simply used in a Volkswagen commercial. And now I have revealed myself to this college music snob as a pop culture whore, and he hates me. But whatever.

Then, as I pulled into the parking lot, the DJ came on, "Welcome back to Theme Thursday! That was The Chemical Brothers and before that we had Mr. Blue Sky by ELO. You know, a caller just called me and said, 'Isn't that from a Volkswagen commercial?' That's right -- today's Theme Thursday is 'Songs from Volkswagen commercials'..."

Which explains why he was not impressed by my knowledge.

Posted June 12, 2003 5:47 PM | On This Day: 2005 2002



Uhg. I feel so old now... 1977, it was a very good year.

You should make that *YOUR* theme for Thursdays. Every Thursday find out what the theme is and call him and ask really obvious questions. He'll go mad! It'll be fun!


i agree with mopsa - radio snobs should be tortured with slow, intentional obliviousness. i don't know if thats a word, but, you know, i'm oblivious.

at least volkswagen picks good music for their commercials. although it could be a sign that the end is nearer than i originally thought.

Don't feel bad about taking shit from a Radio K DJ. Even in the college radio world they're known for being gigantic snobs.

My radio station, KJNB, hated Radio K.

Of course, I was listening to Rock and Roll Over this morning on my way to work :-)

Hahaha. Still laughing at your story. Fun times...

hey, if radio K wants to be snobs about it, maybe they should get an FM station that can broadcast after the sun sets.. or maybe their Mommy doesn't want them staying up that late.

You can just call DJs up and talk to them? Freaky.

Meg -
Remember when you and your Aunt Em and I were working on that food layout and we called some radio station asking them how to spell Weenie? (I still don't konw if that is right). Man, that was weird. Hope we spelled it right.

So let me get this straight....

Two girls call a radio station disc jock to ask him how to spell Weenie????

This sounds like a Howard Stern wet dream...I DEFINITELY want to party with you guys.....