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Crave Case

I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Friday night I went out for Round 2 with MJ & Mopsa. As I told Mopsa earlier in the week, we made a big mistake the last time MJ was in town: we convinced her that we were fun people. Now we are forced to keep up the ruse. We did our best: scampering from Boom! to Keegan's, back to Boom! and then over to Conga (where there were no midgets to be found). We may have also ended up at a White Castle drive-thru at 2am, but there's really no need to discuss that here, is there? I will say that they make the best fries ever, and I experienced no slider after-effects. I bet MJ wishes she could say the same...

Saturday, J and I got up and drove to Hutchinson to see my friends and their darling three-month-old baby boy. From there we hoofed it out to Coon Rapids for a barbeque, then downtown for the Sheperd Fairey opening at Ox-Op. Jeez!

Sunday we slept in, which felt insanely good. J's sister, brother-in-law, and their daughter, Bella, came over to look at the bathroom and offer remodeling advice. Over lunch at Big 10, Bella took this photo of me for posterity. She's got a real eye, that kid.

Since it was intermittently cloudy, we talked about doing a double-feature. Documentaries, no less. So we cruised to the Uptown to see Winged Migration, then to the Edina to see Spellbound. Once we got home, I suggested topping it all off with I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, the Wilco documentary. By that time, we were movie-d out, and I think were really only paying half-attention. But hey, now we can say we watched three documentaries in one day. So there!

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i'm actually surprised i didn't know Sheperd Fairey was in town... hrmph.

You've kept the ruse alive and well. I had a blast, from what I can recall. I'm beginning to think that your objective when I am in town is to get me drunk and watch me stray. Oh wait.. that's my plan. Never mind.

All I'll say about White Castle is that their SlydersŪ live up to their name... Maybe Mops will tell you about where she found a french fry the next day.

nice to see you back using links in your pages again, you were starting to lapse, I was worried that you might have a tumor or something.

you know what this website needs? less about you and more about me...seriously, i would like to be brought up one day...just to show that you care. by the way, you might as well have gone to wendys at 2am...the food is better and its just down the street. just a suggestion for next time.

What's the point of going to Wendy's?
The food there is actually...well...food.

And the people who go there to eat at 2AM are ..well..mostly normal.

Going to Gut Bomb Alley, is part of the visceral experience of authentic partying. And from what I have seen, I-G and friends are if nothing else ....frightfully authentic when it comes to parties...

(now where did that damned french fry go? Mopsa?, MJ?, Bueller?, Bueller????, anybody???...Maybe the midget has it...)

eddie: Maybe you need to get your own website where you can talk about wendy's. Here, we talk about ME, White Castle, and ME. Them's the rules.

that french fry found it's way to my jack-ass.

Nothing quite like finding a White Castle french fry stuck to your ass the next day... Mmmm. Thems good eatin'!

Meghan, there is no WE in ME...I didn't know this was MegandJeremy.com...I kid, I kid.