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Where All The Lights Are Bright

Craig put this photo up on his site recently, and I thought it was gorgeous. He also (finally!) added comments to his site, so now you can go there and tell him how gorgeous you think it is, too.

Hennepin Avenue Bridge

My alma mater is right behind that Grain Belt sign. During my Junior year, they blocked off half of the Hennepin Avenue bridge to film a movie about kids that sneak off to Canada (or something like that). So, on the schoolbus, we'd drive past signs that said either, "Welcome to Canada" or "Welcome to Michigan," depending on what scenes they were filming that day.

Incidentally, they also filmed the movie Untamed Heart around the same time, and nearby. It was deep into Spring, but they were filming Winter scenes, so you'd leave school on a gorgeous day, and a few blocks away there would randomly be piles of snow laying around from the filming. Surreal.

Oh, and if you want to read about my deer-smackin' ER-visitin' adventures this weekend, squirrel boy beat me to the punch. Why reinvent the wheel, eh?

Posted May 28, 2003 4:55 PM | On This Day: 2002



thanks for the kind words about my photo. i was surprised as h to see my photo staring back at me when i typed in your url!

that's funny. i live in Canada and producers are always pretending it's the States. watching movies I'm always surprised how much LA looks like Vancouver.

too bad all our movies went to canada. I remember the time when movies were made here.

That photo looks like it has the Amelie filter on! Nice color.

I know. I just found out about that filter today. I am going to try it on some of my digital photos. The photo that ig posted is from my lomo film camera, but you probably know that if you went to my site.