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Please Tell Me This Is A Joke

While leaving the theatre after seeing Down With Love this weekend, I came face to face with this frightening sight: Meg Ryan wearing what appears to be a giant boxing glove.

Omar Epps stands menacingly behind her. He is black. He knows how to fight. You should be scared of him, but this pretty white lady isn't. No, no. She's tough.

Then, there's the tagline: "She gave the boxing world a one two punch they never saw coming."

Are you kidding me? First Kate & Leopold, and now this? Meg, I think we may have grown apart. I think I should see other people's movies. It's not that we're breaking up, I just need a break.

Of course, maybe I'm wrong. I'll admit that I thought the premise of Shakespeare in Love was pretty ridiculous when I first read about it. But I feel that perhaps it is safe to assume that this is not going to be anywhere near Academy Award material.

Posted May 21, 2003 11:31 AM



Ryan is, like, the Doris Day of our generation. I figure she should go for a total makeover ... like become a gangbanging gangsta or something. "Dude, I'm gonna totally pop a cap in your ass." Yeah, I think if she changed her hair a little it might work.

I think you mis understood the premise of this movie, you think they are talking about hitting somebody when they say punch, they are actually talking about a fruity beverage.. This movie is more like Body Guard, Meg Ryan delivers ice cold beverages to tough boxers when suddenly she starts to have problems with the guy she is dating, played by Billy Crystal. Billy Crystal plays a boxing promoter who gets more interested in his career then Meg Ryan, so she answeres a personal ad in the newspaper from some guy who lives in Seattle and has a son, well, it turns out the son is really Jim Morrison, and she instantly falls in love with him. They then have a rocky relationship Until Ernie Epps comes back in time to rescue Meg Ryan and bring her back into the world of delivering ice cold beverages to boxers.. sorry if I spoiled it for you.

Have we not seen this move before?
Lets think about this..
Meg Ryan in Boxing wit da Boyz
Michelle Pheiffer in Dangerous Minds

I love this quote about DMinds from the Wash Post - I think it might transfer to Meg pretty well: "Pfieffer is absurdly miscast: Sly Stallone would make a more plausible Mr. Chips than the frail, squeaky actress does a nine-year veteran of the Marine Corps."

The sad thing is I think Meg has got some serious chops even if she doesn't choose to use them very often.

Just once I would love to see her in something where the director won't let her get away with her Gidget meets Goldie Hawn antics..(The words cute and perky seem to be invented to describe Meg..and don't get me wrong, I REALLY like her in those roles.)

I am not saying that cute and perky doesn't take great acting skill and talent. Those roles do take talent and she uses her skills well in these movies.
It is just that I would love to see her in a really dark and gritty role where the director kicks her ass and pulls the kind of amazing character out of her that I think she is capable of. (And no I don't think Flesh and Bone, HurlyBurly or Prelude to a Kiss count as one of those roles...not by a long shot)

what about Amityville 3-D or Armed and Dangerous or DOA. Were these movies not dark enough for you?

Not even with the lights turned down, my eyes shut and the TV turned off were these films not dark enough.