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This song is the difference between Friday afternoon and Sunday night.

For the past five days or so, I've had this persistent headache. The pain at times is migraine-strength, but without any of the other usual symptoms. It just makes me feel really out of it, and acting normal takes excessive energy. I found myself stopped at a stop sign earlier until the guy behind me honked. It's like I was waiting for the signal to change, but there was no signal. There's some kind of deep metaphor there for my life, I'm sure of it.

Everything is out of whack.

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again, I will appologize for my barking dog saturday night.

Did you ever consider asking your physician about using 100mg - 200mg of the anticonvulsant Sodium Valporate for the headaches. It's trade name is Epilim. I think it can be used as a prophylactic in low doses (to prevent further headaches).

The drug's primary purpose is in treating petit mal epileptic seizures but it was recently found to offer benefit to people with the headaches you seem to describe. The drug raises the levels of an inhibitory neurotransmitter called GABA (gamma-amniobutyric acid). In simple terms, the brain is overworking and it needs the GABA agent as a brake to slow it down. Without the brake, the patient experiences headaches, and in very extreme cases, seizure.

Of course, I might be talking crap, but you give enough clues about your headaches to make me suspect this might be worth at least investigating.

That or drink more water...