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Beaver Whistle

An open question to engineers and industrial designers:

Why, oh why, can't you invent a tampon receptacle more advanced than a tin box with an ill-fitting paper bag inside it that inevitably shifts out of alignment, causing the menstruating woman who used the stall before me to stuff her feminine trash into it in such a way that it forces me to nearly have to touch it as I carefully try to dispose of my own?

Are we not more socially and ergonomically advanced than this?

Posted May 15, 2003 3:37 PM



Menstruation Denial. It's not just a river in Egypt.

Wow - is that how those things work? I always envisioned something akin to drive-through banking where there's all sorts of tubes and vacuums etc going on. I'm totally disillusioned with progress now...back to religion and out with sweet science for me.

Simple. Because such things were designed by MEN. If MEN had to bleed once a month, believe me they would have developed much more effective and efficient accoutrement. Or they would have found a cure for it by now.

Ok, I'll take one for the team and be the immature one here. Eeewwwwwwwwww. Dats naaaaasty. remind me to tell you sometime about the summer I spent as a janitor and part of my job was empying said recepticles.

there is nothing from stopping women from inventing a better disposal system.. I don't mean to sound like the insensitive man here, but I think I would trade a sometimes icky tin watebasket for Urine troffs.

I can't exactly identify with your problem, but I can empathize.

How come they can design a nice toilet for space but they can't design a decent toilet for women?

that "men" post bugs.

i thought women were supposed to be equal? it's not like industrial design is like road construction or anything.

When in the post did I ever say anything about men? I simply asked an open question to engineers and industrial designers.

But nevermind the men, leave it to the Canadians to come up with something!

No... hereis what you need for that "ultra fresh feeling"...........

I believe the man reference was mine. Are you're saying that if a woman designs a better product, it would suddenly appear in public restrooms across America? Me thinks that's a bit optimistic. For some illuminating data, poke around around the US Census site. For instance, I found that male industrial designers out number females 5-1.

What I would reallylike to see is a kind of device similar to the old drive through banks. We would simply "deposit" our feminine hygene products into a tube and Whoosh! It would be gone.

That hepa Wet/Dry Vac aint such a shabby idea either ;)

5-1..hmmm, sounds like a good career for women to completely break into, in greater numbers, I'm surprised by these numbers, I don't see where this field got so dominated by men.

To be fair -The US Census does not break out individual numbers for industrial design, however, the occupation code for both the census and the BLS lumps ID's in with architects and engineers, a traditionaly male dominated arena.

I was a bit surprised to note that the graphic design industry (my field) is pretty evenly split. But I fear that statistic might be skewed by a lot of homegrown desktop publishing gals who entered that as an occupation on their forms. Call me a snob but I've seen far too many "Melody's Magical Web Sites" and I don't think they should count. :P

Forget the tampons and get yourself a Keeper instead. I've been using one for six years or so and haven't had to bother with tampons since then. They're fantastic.

Or why not just go stay in the menstrual hut?