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I was at Yoga tonight, stretching on my mat and waiting for class to begin. In front of me were a man and woman, talking quietly to each other. I couldn't really hear what they were saying, until the woman turned toward the man and said, "Honey, know what I like about Yoga?"

"No," the man replied. "What?"

"It's like 'me' time for the both of us."

Then they held hands. Held hands. The ever-so-slightly PMS-y side of me wanted to say, "Aww." But the rest of me, the 90% of me that still has some sense left in it, wanted to take their heads and bonk them together to make that coconut sound effect like on Gilligan's Island.

Posted May 13, 2003 12:10 AM | On This Day: 2006 2002



I happen to prefer the sound of the Skippers hat smacking Gilligan's head.

I happen to prefer the sound of Gilligan in the middle of the night quietly moving down to the lower bunk, into the Skipper's waiting arms.

His little buddy indeed.

too bad they couldn't show that stuff in 50s tv.

I prefer the "aww" to the coconut sound.

50's TV??????

Dude..get with the program..Gilligan's Island first played in the Fall of 1964

I think he meant -- tv that is appreciated by people in their 50's or with IQ's in the 50's.

maybe that's it.

don't you just wish they would show tv as it really would have bean, where the survivors of gilligans island draw straws to see which of them is eaten first.. I'm sure they would have conspired against the skipper as he could have sustained them for a month, although the Howles were old and had lived most of their lives already, but then again, Gilligan was so clumsy if it wasn't for him, they would have gotten off the island long ago, and you Know Mary Ann would have bean last to be chosen becasue she was the one who could have best cooked the rest of them.

Have you by any chance been to www.irishgirl.com ? It's quite a shock when one is expecting mild green tones to be presented with that.

thanks for the defense, Mopsa. But really, I'm a moron and I didn't know Gilligan's Island began broadcasting in the 60s.

but on a related, hopefully funny tangent, how come they could show the Beaver in the 50s, but they can't show Gilligan and the Skipper( or the Spanker, as was his pet name-at least in the Fan Fiction I've read )?

I just don't understand.

Sam: Yeah. I've seen the "other" irish girl. So has my boyfriend's mother, as he accidentally gave her that URL when he was telling her about me.

Kohout: Never admit in public EVER AGAIN that you have read Gilligan's Island fan fiction. In fact, never admit to reading fan fiction of any kind.

You were streching before yoga? Do people do that? Isn't that like warming up to go for a jog? Or engagine in foreplay for your foreplay? Weird.

J: "Hi Mom! This is my new girlfriends website."
J's Mom: "Erotic Art of the Japanese Girl.... Son, where did you meet this Meghan?"

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