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An open question to Hollywood art directors:

How come, in the future, we only use sans serif fonts?

Posted May 12, 2003 10:21 AM | On This Day: 2002



Because in the future, all the people who prefer others will be turned into Soylent Green.


Because in the future no one needs to wear glasses, meaning everyone has perfect vision and thus do not need serif fonts which make small printing easier to read. And because our Alien overlords from Gamtrex 9 think sans serif fonts "just look cooler."

P.s. You won the contest Congrats to you, Sherlock! How did you know the right answer?

I surprsied you have to ask, especially with you know who hanging around so much.. the answere to why only san serifed fonts is simple.. the history of the serif goes all the way back to when man was chiseling words on rocks, you had to put the serif onto the font to finish the letter, otherwise it didn't look correct.. so to answere the future question, do you want your type to look like it was chisled onto a stone.. that is sooooooo retro.

15 or 20 years ago, all future fonts were that stupid digital courier font. I think we've grown!