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Happy Mother's Day!

Mamma Mia!

Isn't Madge the cutest?

Yeah, that's a bottle of rum we're hugging. I think it's important to take an interest in your mother's hobbies.

Posted May 11, 2003 5:47 AM | On This Day: 2002



maybe its a good thing she likes run, much better then Monster Trucks.

Meggie! Quick, mix me a drink and put some rum in it this time!

Aren't you the sweetest. SMOOCHIES.
xxoo Mummy

Oh for cute's sake.

Don't forget that when Mother gets her medicine, her sister gets a double dose. Fill 'er up , sister. Happy (Negligent) Mothers Day. hic.

Aye, magickal mothers' day :D

My mom's a gin gal herself. Ah, Mothers Ruin. In the immortal words of Karen (of Will and Grace) "Quick! Fix me a martini! And don't waste any room with that olive honey!"