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Waiting for Godot

Why are doctors' waiting rooms always so goddamned depressing? The ceiling is always some horrid yellowed nightmare, the chairs are usually uncomfortable and ugly, there are always lame fake plants everywhere, and the receptionists tend to dress like they're headed to 1987. Note to the ladies at Aspen Medical Group: contrary to what you may have been told at Kohl's, see-through crocheted sweaters are not back. In fact, they were never here.

Seriously. I want to know who decorates doctors' waiting rooms. Are they blind, or just cruel?

What really sucks is that the people who spend the most time in doctors' waiting rooms are exactly the people that need to be cheered up. They are either sick, worried that they're sick, or anticipating something cool and possibily metal being shoved into some part of their body, be it vein or orifice. These are not people that need to be agitated further by terrible color combinations or cheap fabrics.

I think my next job should be decorating doctors' waiting rooms. Wouldn't most people rather look at stacks of giant food and stuffed Muppets instead of a fake ficus tree in a wicker pot?

I thought so.

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not only are they depressing, but usually they also look unhealthy...stained carpet and those water stained ceiling tiles. maybe it is a deco theme. sick people and sick waiting rooms go together?

do you want to spend the time around sick people decorating waiting rooms, exposing yourself to who knows what illness for minimum wage? besides, you can get a whole box of fake plants for $53 and it lasts forever, who cares if it looks like doo doo, its a bargin.

I have a see-through crocheted sweater. I just bought it this week thinking "sweet!, I've always wanted one of these."