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I took the day off yesterday to bring Bootylicious to his doctor's appointment. Afterward, we went to Ax-Man where I got a giant Animal Cracker box (to go with my Jell-O and Mac & Cheese), then to Home Depot and Menard's to look at bathroom fixtures and tiles and stuff (he's remodeling the bathroom). We want to do it kind of 50's-ish, but I'm having a helluva time finding any good retro design resources online. Except for Shannanigan's Boppin' Bungalow, which totally rules!

Watched Akele Hum, Akele Tum last night which is an Indian version of Kramer vs. Kramer, with a pinch of A Star is Born. The best part is, the couple's last name is Kumar, so it's Kumar vs. Kumar if you think about it. The worst part is, it's nearly three hours. But, God, Bollywood rules. I want to take a trip to India someday.

I just got an email from my mother, who is the proud new owner of Ham-Hams: Dexter, Hamtaro, Howdy and Bijou. This happy news comes on the heels of my unhappy discovery yesterday that one of my Ham-Ham chains broke and Pashmina is missing.

I can't stop looking at Not Proud (via mauvebalogue).

This is what I look like before I comb my hair, and after my boy Photoshops me. Silly.

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so sorry to hear of your loss. it is these sad times that we can truely reflect on the things that have importance in our lives.. I am sure that Pashmina has gone to a much better place and is resting peacefully.

i didn't realize your eyes were so close together... i did, however, realize that you have a giant mouth.

i've got 50's-ish furniture and misc.. links on my old computer - i'll see if i can find them for you-n-bootylicious.

Jesus!! After looking at your picture, I think you may have gotten too close, and been exposed to a dangerously high dose from Bootylicious' ass-ray machine.

P.S. I think Pashmina was scared by the pictures and is on the lam.

trust me, i was overexposed to the ass rays.

don't i know it.

oh...i love ham-hams. thank you for introducing me. i like to buy all sorts of fun trinkets from here :: http://www.kidrobot.com.
maybe when we're 90 instead of having porcelain cats and goosegirls everywhere we'll have wicked plastic ninja-thingies.