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Why My Co-Workers Hate Me

Sometimes, in the afternoon, I play a game called "I'm From the Deep South." I sit at my desk and talk to myself incessantly in a Southern accent. I refer to anyone within earshot as, "y'all."

My co-workers hate this game only slightly less than "I'm From Brooklyn," "I'm From the UK," and "I'm the Star of a Broadway Show and You're the Chorus."

Posted April 29, 2003 4:29 PM | On This Day: 2006 2002



Why do I think your co-workers wish you would play the game I'm Hellen Kellor. But the real burning question is what broadway show are you the star of.. there is a big difference beteween Les Miserables and Bye Bye Birdie

Grease is the word.

Meghan, I have to agree with your co-workers that the Helen Keller game would be a nice change from the Broadway one, or any of your games. I have never been filled with a bigger sense of dread tahn when we were in the theatre watching Chicago with you..

Ouch! Pretty strong words from Nora.

as I remember, there wasn't a specific broadway show, as long as there were villagers repeating things in song. With no backhandedness, I don't know how they could get sick of it! You're so good at those accents (except I've never heard the UK one)

i assure you, it's smashing. simply smashing. bloody brilliant.

Why is it that a fake british or southern accent is acceptable yet whenever I launch into Margaret Cho's mothers korean accent I get dirty looks?

I think your coworkers should be thankful you're not doing your "I'm a porn star!" shtick.

she's not very good at that one. it's pretty much on the same level as the "i'm in 8th grade with mall hair"

oh, and MJ - you could probably get away with that one where i live... 5 minutes from nowhere. nobody would understand it though.