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Making Up My Mind As I Go

"When we think of the past, we tend to assume that people were simpler in their functions, and shaped by forces that were primary and irreducible. We take for granted that our forebears were imbued with a deeper purity of purpose than we possess nowadays, and a more singular set of mind, believing, for example, that early scientists pursued their ends with unbroken 'dedication' and that artists worked in the flame of some perpetual 'inspiration.' But none of this is true. Those who went before us were every bit as wayward and unaccountable and unsteady in their longings as people are today. The least breeze, whether it be sexual or psychological - or even a real breeze, carrying with it the refreshment of oxygen and energy - has the power to turn us from our path."
- Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries

Yeah, so I decided to put off grad school in Oregon for now. Big surprise, I'm sure.

Posted April 27, 2003 2:32 PM



Hooray! The closer you are the greater the likelihood that we'll actually meet at some point.

Hey, Oregon will still be there if you decide to go later.

good quote - thankfully it doesn't apply to everyone.

welcome back to minnesota!

you are the king of backhanded compliments.

I must say this; speaking from a rather personal point of view and experience, there are some things that can be put off for a longer periods of time than others. However, we must never lose sight of what we had intially intended..... Once we do, then finding that "path" is one that can be a rather treacherous journey. I neither agree nor disagree with your decision, as I am not familiar w/ the circumstances. But I must leave you with this final thought, don't take too long to get back into Grad school. Good luck for the most part!!!

surprise? not at all... you were quite honest about your doubts for awhile... well, it's good that you are staying here anyway... ;)