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Rhinoplasty Nasty

Have you ever been so in love that when you looked at the person, or thought about the person, you felt like you were going to sneeze?

I'm just wondering if I'm a freak, or if that happens to other people. I swear I read somewhere once that there is a link between emotional/sexual arousal and sneezing (I used to sometimes sneeze during sex scenes in movies), but my Google search has only yielded strange sneeze fetish websites. eew.

UPDATE: "It is completely normal, though not usual..."

The main difference between myself and the article above being that I don't actually sneeze, I just feel like I'm going to sneeze.

Posted April 23, 2003 9:47 AM | On This Day: 2002



I get the same way and always thought it's becauase since my heart is beating faster I'm breathing a little faster, which always puts me on the brink of sneezing. Most of the time I don't actually sneeze, thankfully.

BTW - I noticed your, "On this day" feature...you can't just be happy stealing his shirts? You have to steal his scripts, too? (Do they smell like him? Do you cuddle up with them when he's not there and tuck them under your pillow when you sleep?)

Young love is so sweet. ;-)

i will admit that i got the idea from his site, but i had always planned to do it as soon as my site turned one year old (which was at the beginning of april). so, it's not directly related to young love, but yeah...

anyway, your comment reminds me of "the sweater" by meryn cadell. i'll try to put it up later.

That was a very subtle way of announcing that you're IN LOVE.


I've always believed that relationships are rarely like romantic movies or books.
Imaginary people fall in love quickly and live happily ever after. Real people fall into real love slowly and live fully ever after. I've found that it takes months to appreciate a partner enough before falling in love.

hm. thanks for sharing your "findings." i guess it's different for everyone: i know couples who have fallen in love and gotten married after knowing each other just a couple of months, and are deeply happy 20 years later. i know others who waited years and still aren't sure if they did the right thing. i know still others who have gone the two routes listed above and ended up divorced. it's all about gut instincts, i think. each person or couple knows what's best for them, which might not be at all what you'd choose for yourself.

different people love in different ways. in the '70s Lee hypothesized that there are 6 "styles" of love (eros, ludus, storge, pragma, mania, and agape). they're described well here.

You're right, meg. There's no formula for love. And it usually happens when we abondon our pictures of what it SHOULD look like and just open our hearts to it. Whether it happens quickly or over years, we can't judge each other's miracles. Love isn't a brick in the face. It's an evolving beautiful thing. Love deepens over time -- if we find the right person. What I hear you saying is that you may have found someone you can see yourself loving for a long time -- possibly a life time. That is a gift and I'm happy for you. And Hangdog is happy for you too. Or I'll find him and kill him.

Mopsa, I AM happy for Irish-girl. My only worry is that I've been reading her site for quite some time now and I've come to realize that Irish-girl sometimes falls too hard and too quickly. Despite her apparent strength, she seems like the type of person who's been hurt quite a bit. The sole point of my post is the hope that she would have a tighter reign on her emotions, that's all.

I want to sneeze when I look at the sun... does that count as my love for the sun? ;)) When I look at my wife I want to do another thing... ;))

Everything I need to know about Hangdog and his attitude comes from his monicker.

Dude.... get a girl/boy friend and change your name to HappyPuppy

there's nothing wrong with falling hard and fast...if you end up hurt, you deal with it. pain is beauty. and it usually produces the best art.

"pain is beauty. and it usually produces the best art"

That is a bunch of crap. I suppose wearing black and being depressed helps? I am soooo sick of the "tortured-artist" stereotype. They are tortured because they really, really, really want to have something relevant to say and they don't.

Lilly, your life must suck if you find pain beautiful.

...and now back to the young love.

Young love is great. I hope you still feel that way in a few months when you both stop being polite in front of each other. Sometimes comfort is a relationship killer. Especially load and smelly bodily functions.

Sorry. My fat fingers messed up the HTML.

I'll try again.

Wow--welcome to the smack-down.

Pain. Beauty. Love. It's all relative. Who the fuck are we to tell someone else how to FEEL.


I wasn't tell anyone how to feel. I was saying that pain doesn't make great art so STEP OFF.

hey, you kids! don't make me pull this blog over.

seriously, though -- i think mopsa may have been reacting more to you telling someone that their life "must suck," rather than your point about saying that pain does not neccessarily create better art.

in my opinion, it is emotion that creates great art -- whether that emotion is pain or love or sadness or joy depends on the artist. for you, it seems that pain and art are not connected. for others, it may be different.

Whoa--step off? Sounded like judgement to me. But I wasn't attacking. You'd know if I was. So the step off is hardly necessary. But thanks.

But she's making faces at me and she's on my side.

hate to state the obvious, but isn't it allergy season? I mean, you'd hate to end a perfectly good love affair because it doesn't make you sneeze anymore... o O (...if only I can make it to next allergy season, I think we can make this work...)

on a side note, if you can't make great art when you're happy, what kind of artist are you? I'm with IG and Sam S on that one.

oh, one more thing - I think mopsa is great.

whoa there, i never said anything about whether it's better to make art when you're happy vs. sad. get off my side!

no, really: i think people should make art happy, sad, stoned, sober...whatever. that's the point of art, right? there is no "right way" to do it.

"But she's making faces at me and she's on my side." -- I was making a reference to riding in a car with my little sister. She was always on my side of the seat. I wasn't saying that you were on my side. I didn't want you to pull the blog over. :^)

"there is no "right way" to do it."

That's exactly what I mean. People shouldn't have to be "pained" to make great art.

IG - that's what I meant. but, you can still kick me off your side.

although stoned and sober don't seem to fit into the "emotion" argument, it is your blog!

Not to say that you CAN'T make art when you are happy, but can someone name a really successful artist/writer who wasn't depressed, an alcoholic, perpetually on the verge of insanity or some combination there of at least most of their productive life?

Marcel DuChamp & Jasper Johns to name two.

Art is selfish, Love is giving, Meghan is in Love.

I am happy for her.

Wow did this post and its responses evolve over time!

We start with sneezing and love and end up in a brawl over art and artists.... COOL! But you have to know I'm going to wade in here.
(You had better step back Irish-Girl, I feel a long rant coming on )

I totally disagree with you Sam. I think pain can and does cause great art to be created. Just like love or hate or anger or joy can fuel great art

Art is anything we want it to be really, but I think of art as expression and emotion. Artist are either trying to express an emotion or a feeling or a thought, or they are looking to elicit an emotional expression from the person who is experiencing it.

It is no stereotype that artist's can be tortured. It is a fact of life. I think the question of tortured or not tortured misses the point, as all humans can be tortured by their emotions at one time or another.

Now understand I am speaking only for myself here and no one else. (I don't want to be accused of simplifying or assuming someone else’s motives.) I have always felt that I experienced and perceived things a little differently from others. My blues are bluer, my red's, redder. My highs are higher and low's lower. I understand that this may or may not be true, but it is my perception and therefore real to me.

I find that I have a real need to express or explain those differences to myself. I also sometimes need or want to share this perspective with others.

This is why I am an artist.

I yearn to communicate to myself and others those things that move or inspire me. Am I tortured by these feelings? Yes, at times. Can that be the inspiration for my art? Absolutely!
Does it make my art great? Not in and of itself. It is just that "Big hurt", "Great joy", "More pain", "New love ", and a whole gamut of other emotions and experiences, positive and negative are the gasoline to the fire in my soul.

It can and does consume and burn me at times but it can also fire my emotions and flame my heart.

Back to my point. (Yes, I have one.)
It is emotions and feeling that drive most art.
It is not unexpected then that when you are in a state of emotional turmoil (this can be both good and bad turmoil) you very well may be stirring up the very elixir that fuels art’s creation.

Good or bad right or wrong it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are made alive with these feelings. And that is everything.

Deliriously happy Meg?

Ain't life grand!

"It is emotions and feeling that drive most art. "

I very much agree.

I disagree with that pain makes the best art. That's all.

Well, I'll just chime in and disagree with you Sam. Art is subjective, so of course you're welcome to enjoy whatever art you choose, but I find that, generally speaking, "happy art" is crappy art.

I will preface this all by saying that I think all art is inherently valuable, even crappy art. Any discussion of what makes the best art is pure opinion, and hence the following are only mine.

Sure, a good artist creates at all times, and if they're great artists, sometimes the stuff they make while happy is even worth looking at (or reading, or listening to, whatever). But most of the time, at least in my experience/opinion, that's not the case. Just as any good novel has to have conflict, the best art comes from pain and anguish.

Any good artist knows that to make good art you have to make a lot of crappy art. It's my opinion that there is a correlation between the amount of really good art someone makes, and the amount of pain in their life.

Of course, we could be talking about different types of art. For instance, I read a lot of science fiction. I do consider it an art, but it is not "artistic", and hence does not need pain to fuel it. (It's more of an intellectual thing, I think.) That having been said, most sci-fi is not, generally speaking, a "great work of art". They are smaller, but just as important works of art.

So Sam, what are some examples of your favorite "happy art"?

ahh... I just realized that you already gave some examples of artists you feel didn't need pain to make their art.

I know nothing about those two names, but on http://www.marcelduchamp.net/ (first google search result for Marcel DuChamp) it has a "who is" page containing this quote:

It was as early as the end of 1912 that Duchamp suffered the great intellectual crisis that progressively forced him to abandon this mode of expression which seemed vitiated to him. The practice of drawing and painting appeared to him as a kind of trickery that tended towards the senseless glorification of the hand and of nothing else.

—from ‘Lighthouse of The Bride' in Marcel Duchamp, Robert Lebel, ed., 1959.

I don't know what kind of intellectual crisis he had, but it sure doesn't sound all birds and bees to me! ;)

BTW meghan, I totally forgot to mention that your sneezing is a sure sign you are actually allergic to love. This explains your previous difficulties finding a man, and no doubt will cause the end of your relationship with copious pain and suffering that you will then use to create wonderful art. Sorry Jeremy, dems da breaks.

HA! allergic to love... what a crappy predicament that would be.

DuChamp had a bit of a freak out and quit making art and only played chess. He spent a lot of time challenging the traditional ideas of high art. He was the one who put the urinal on pedestal and called it art. In the end he was disgusted in the direction "high" art was taking at the time and quit. He was angry but I wouldn't call him pained.

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