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Washington Weekend

Finally...it took me a while to get all the photos I needed from my Clie, and from Becca and Laurie's cameras. Then there were several fiascos regarding memory sticks, dead laptop batteries, and me trying to learn new software that wasn't always behaving itself.

But finally, here are the photos (in slight disorder, sorry!), and here is the story. You'll see a lot of a little guy named Verte in these photos: he's a finger puppet I borrowed from the boy. I've decided I'm going to start a whole gallery called "Verte Around the World." Sure to be as big a hit as my "Still Life with Matt" series.

Thursday Evening
Arrive in DC around 10. Caryn picks me up at the airport and we go home, where Laurel and Becca are resting, watching TV, and painting nails. We hang out in the kitchen to gossip, catch up, and try not to wake the whole house with our giggling.

Friday Morning
We sleep in a little, as we're all exhausted. We head out for some tourism: breakfast at Luna followed by my first Metro ride! We got off near the Washington Monument, walked across the reflecting pool to the Lincoln Monument, then went to the Vietnam War Memorial, where I got pencil rubbings of my cousin's name, and a friend of my dad's. From there, we went to the American History Smithsonian, where we were only able to cover one floor before collapsing from exhaustion.

Friday, Evening
We headed back to Caryn's on the Metro, took brief naps and then got ready for dinner with her aunts and uncles at the Russia House. We had a martini before dinner, then headed to a private room where the 8 of us had a lovely dinner, followed by an amazing cake from cakelove, served by Andre the wonder waiter. Afterward, the aunts and uncles went home to bed, while we went to Gazuza to enjoy a nightcap. Stayed for one drink, then went off to the 18th Street Lounge, where we had some more cocktails and played a game of "I have never..." in which we learned lots of new and interesting things about each other, none of which will be shared here.

Saturday Morning
We decided to spend the day shopping, so we wandered over to Adams Morgan where we discovered Wild Women Wear Red, an awesome little boutique. I got a great bracelet, Laurel got a sassy red watch. We headed next door to the destination we'd all been waiting for: cakelove. Warren was there, and was super cute and very nice. He let Caryn lick a spatula since it was her birthday. We all bought cupcakes and walked another mile or so to another area with boutiques and restaurants. We checked out a few stores (I loved one store in particular, but all the shirts they had were "one size fits all." HA!), grabbed some lunch at Tom Tom, then headed to an Indian boutique so that I could get a henna tattoo.

Saturday Late Afternoon
We chill on the rooftop at Caryn's place. It's got a great view, the sun is shining, and we are happy girls.

Saturday Evening
We head back to the Adams Morgan neighborhood to Perry's to have cocktails and sushi with Neil & Gaby, two of Caryn's friends. We have a fun and riotous dinner, then take a cab to Zola's to meet some of their other friends. From there, we're supposed to go to a club to see some Dutch DJ. Didn't sound too fun to me, but since Zola's smelled like poo (some neighborhood sewer problem), I was fine with leaving. Unfortunately, I killed my entire wad buying a round at Zola's and couldn't find a cash machine, so I was concerned about how I'd get in. But, next thing I knew, we were hoofing it to a shady little neighborhood where kids were lined up for two blocks to see this Ferry Corsten character. Neil did some fancy footwork with the bouncer, and $250 later (for 10 of us -- not too bad!) we're being ushered into the VIP room, where the bouncer kicked a group of people off two couches to make room for us. We also got a bottle of Absolut and some pitchers of juice. Crazy.

We stood up on our private balcony, watching all the sweaty youngsters swing their glowsticks around. We shook our booties a bit. Then, the other girls decided to go downstairs to shake some serious booty with the Dutchies downstairs. I somehow ended up staying to guard the coats, purses, and (unfortunately) the cocktails. Let's just say that Meggie overindulged and leave it at that. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned, aspirin tablets were consumed the following day. Despite all that, it was fun. The kind of fun you really only need to have once every five years or so. I paid for it the next day, but it was fun.

Sunday, Morning
We call this Black Sunday. Laurel and Becca were off to the airport before I was fully conscious. When Caryn returned, we walked around Dupont Circle a bit, bought a magazine from some wacky artist folks, and had some lunch. Then it was off to the airport, where they asked me if I'd like to check the bags under my eyes. Got home, kissed a cute boy, and went to sleep.

See? It prolly wasn't worth that long wait, but I hope you enjoyed my story.

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BOO! You said "prolly!"

why is that a boo? i practically invented "prolly!"

Its just I have talked to so many people how think it is a real word. In college I even knew people who put "prolly" in term papers!

Its just my personal crusade against rampant stupdity.

Great story .. a mondern day version of Mr. Smith goes to Washington...only there is no Mr. and the name is not Smith, but Absolut. I especially like the picture of you contemplating your own mortality the morning after.

You look like you are prolly going to die......

You can't steal 'punky' AND 'prolly' from me! You just can't!!

what. ever.

i had punky before i even knew your name.

Meg - nice job on the slide show. I am glad we never have to outgrow the rules "what happens in DC stays in DC" ...or we would all have to move to Mexico to live out our last few years with some dignity.
WHOOO HOOO...good times.

if I didn't know better, I would have thought this was one of Jacks shorter entries..sounds like a fun trip.

Damnit Bill!!
I've been trying to cut back.
Besides, I have been doing my short Pooh synopsis just for you ;-)

Caryn--I'm all for the "what happens in DC stays in DC" rule, but I gotta say you don't look NEARLY as much the worse for wear as Meg that last morning...

Mopsa--Since you up and took your punky ass to Italy, we took a vote and we are prolly going to usurp your cool slang words as our own....

Jack - I don't think it possible for anyone to feel worse than Meg did that morning. While I was shaking my butt on some huge speakers (one step away from the cage - thankfully I didn't drink THAT much) and making the switch from Vodka and Bull to H2O. Poor Meggie tried to take the Bull by the horns - but the Bull won in the long run.
Honestly, I have never seen Meghan in such rare form -she could hardly function that morning.
Ahhh, once again- good times.

makes a mother proud, i'm sure.

all that alcohol and not one boob shot?? remember the good'ole partying days when you could count on a boob shot???

it just felt like this should go a little more low-brow.

yeah, what this site really needs is to be MORE low-brow.