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Hints from Heloise

So, I'm baking cookies with my little sister this afternoon. While I'm paying some bills, I ask her to go into the kitchen to start measuring ingredients. My bills take longer than expected, and by the time I get in there, I realize she has dumped all the ingredients into the bowl and is standing there like, "Okay, what's next?" She has not creamed the butter and sugar. She has not beat in the eggs. She has not slowly added the oats and raisins. No. She's just dumped it all in there like it's a fucking goulash or something.

I look at the bowl. I look at her. I grab the recipe.

"Did you even READ THIS?!" I ask, in a voice that's loud enough to fairly be called a yell.

"Um, no."

"What the FUCK did you do to my cookies? I was making these for someone!"

"I don't know how to do this! I'm only twenty."

Argh. Lucky for her I was able to mix everything in, and they seem to be okay. Now we're watching Stuart Little 2, giggling our asses off (I'm a sucker for a soccer-playing, car-driving , optimistic mouse), and sneaking cookies. I don't know who we're sneaking them from, since we made them and they are rightfully ours, and but it feels sneaky when we eat them.

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that twenty-year-old no-baking prank-pulling ass-giggling sister of yours better not have screwed up those cookies! I've been salivating all afternoon...

I love this - YOU were making cookies for Jeremy...riiiight. More like you were being a Baking Nazi and your poor sister is like, "But I was just following orders!" Ah, twenty. That was a cute age, wasn't it?

You two sisters have such adorable little teeth. (Okay, so that may sound freaky, but my ten year old may be facing braces so I'm all about the teeth.)

ahh...braces. we both had them. i'll post about my brace adventures soon - in fact, i'll tell do it tomorrow, since the best part of the story occurred on easter sunday many years ago. there's blood and gore involved, you'll like it. ;)

what a loving girlfriend.. baking cookies for her lactose intolerant boyfriend with butter...

20? And cant make cookies? Huh.
Anyways, I like the new "On this day" thingy. Is it a Moveable Type thing? Or just a bit of clever coding?

that is a MovableType plugin. you can get it at http://mt-plugins.org/ if you want something similar on your site.

is the background on your homepage suppose to be white now? ;)

or maybe I should just ask Jeremy?

What with someone else working on your site now, I feel replaced. I had her MT password first!!! Heehee.. seriously though, you should know, Jeremy, I take no responsibility for the crappy HTML... I didn't write it, someone she works with did. Just so you know. *grin*

no, it's not white! is it? i've looked at it on both a mac and a pc! crazy.

and why do you assume that jeremy did all the work?! i mean, of course he did, but it sucks that you assumed that.


hmm. sorry to say, your background is white (or rather, doesn't appear to be showing up at all) on a mac in mozilla 1.3, and on a PC in mozilla 1.2.1. (The mac is what I browse most frequently with, and that's the lateset version, sorry to say.)

You might want to have that looked at by a "professional". HA!