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Cast Your Vote

Hair issues seem to be in the air, as Natalie is going through some drama of her own.

For my part, I'm headed to Hair Police next Wednesday to get my wig professionally adjusted. I still dig the black bob, but the parts of my hair that have gone from brown to pink to platinum to blonde to brown to red to black in the past year don't seem to want to hold the color for some reason. The result is this crazy two-tone look where the new growth holds the color and the older hair doesn't. Attractive, huh?

What up, Skunky?
Definitely time to call in a professional.

I think I might update the style, too. Maybe something choppier that I can wear messy-like for Spring and Summer. Something that will look cute when I pull off my helmet and shake out my hair all Prell-style while sitting on my future fantasy Stella. Until I can afford her, I'll just be sitting in the backyard with a helmet on, trying to look cool.

Anyway, I am currently accepting suggestions for my look of the moment. Let the Blog Hair Project begin.

The current state of affairs:
Hair Police Mug Shot

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I like your hair - it has that wholesome 1950s kind of look about it. But I bet you'd look cute with a Meg Ryan-esque kinda shag thing going on, like you said. Choppy, something that's forgiving for when you wear your helmet.

(But don't sit in the yard with a helmet on, cuz then you'd just look "special").

I second that.

People will just think you are waiting for the short bus but forgot it picks you up from the front curb.

I'd like to see what a lady like you would look like in a flowbee haircut. I have one that you could use if you wouldn't mind cleaning it out afterward.

I'd like to know what you know who thinks.

Groan - don't ask him! Men either don't notice your hair at all, or they pick up on the one bad part of a hairdo (such as, say, the hair being bright pink) and harp on it.

I wonder if MJ knows of one of those sites where you upload your picture and can check out different hair styles? You should ask - I bet she does. That would be fun - you could plug in your picture with different 'dos and we can comment on what we like the best. How fun.

I say - decide that morning - it will change two weeks later when you get bored with it anyway.

Have fun with it - I know you and Amy will. Please send her my congratulations on her wedding! Find out if she got a tattoo to mark the occasion.

By the way...you look like you are eye'n up someone and about to kick ass in that photo!

WWJD Haha --- I guess grow it long.


(next time I'm going have to charge a research fee..)

there's software you can get at target that lets you scan in your picture and try out hair styles. I think it's pretty cheap (I think it's by cosmo?)

MJ, you're a Goddess. That's my new favorite site right there.

Go on, Meg, give it a whirl!

oh come on, Natalie, don't discount me 'cuz I'm a man. meghan is totally right: choppy and spunky is the way to go 'cuz we WILL be wearing helmets and having the convertible top down this spring/summer. And I'm all for color of any sort. Hey, a little known fact: I got voted "Best Hair" back in high school for all my crazy 'dos -- even beating the girls.

see?! i told you guys he was great.