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Adventures in Food: Part II

It's awesome having a Jewish boss, because you get to try cool things like gefilte fish (disgusting, by the way). We went to Zaroff's for Passover lunch; I tried their version of a potato knish (which honestly was not as good as Cecil's), and a hush puppy (beef frank surrounded by mashed potatoes and wrapped in some egg roll-ish material and deep fried). It was pretty good, but bigger than I thought it would be, and a little on the heavy side. Wait: a deep-fried hot dog...did I think that would be light?

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The Canadians have this dish called Putin.. another of those lite dishes..Picture French fries, covered with melted Cheese Curds, toped with Gravey. Would go great with your Hush Puppies.

I rarely feel the need to defend my homeland(we're quirky and I've accepted it), but I can't let this slide. Putin, actually spelled Poutine, is a Quebec delicacy.

Now Quebec is Canadian, but when it comes to things like this, you are better off describing the dish as French-Canadian. You were bang on with the ingredients. Poutine is a little slice of death. Here's a little history lesson. Enjoy.


aaah... Gefilte fish. Judging by the recipe link provided, it's very similar to farshmak - same thing but Russian. Good stuff! I'd better ask my mom to make it when i go to Russia this May. By the way if somebody ever will call a dish after the name of the Russian president (Putin) - I will kRRush you! ;)

please, people. do not piss off The Russian.

Actually, I am cute and cuddly... and playful. ;)

Oh man...gifilte fish with a big old glob of hot horseradish...mmm. That's so good it'll make you wanna slap your momma. Especially since *my* momma likes to put beets in her horseradish, which is criminal because it cuts the heat. How are you supposed to make your nose run with that weak-ass horseradish? You just can't.

*gefilte, duh. I swear, I cannot tyep today.