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Bloody Thursday

The lecture went longer than I expected, so site updates will happen tonight after I donate blood. By the way, if you are eligible to donate blood, you really should. It only takes about a half-hour, and is not very painful (just a small ache in your arm). Plus you get free juice and you can catch up on the latest issues of People while you lose a pint. I've just recently passed the 2-gallon mark and I'm quite proud. They gave me a little lapel pin with a drop of blood on it!

If you're still scared, you can go here to watch an online presentation of what it's like to give blood.

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Always the do gooder.


Good God. I'm about to reveal to all of you what a fucking wuss I am... I couldn't even get through the online presentation! Do they have to use the word BLOOD so often?! Blood blood blood. I feel faint.

I am all for being a do gooder, but ever since they poked me 21 times within 5 minutes when I was eight years old with bronchitis, I shy away from needles in arms.

I passed out once while getting blood drawn for a test. Now the nurses take me into the room that's set aside for old people and babies so I can lay down.

the 18th pint was successfully donated! i managed to pop a pint in 5 minutes, 55 seconds. i'm going to have to start timing myself to see if i can beat my personal best.

yes, everything is a race.