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Yeah, I'm a slacker. But I'm going to put up the whole D.C. recap up later tonight, with photos and all. I'm also going to (hopefully) change my Contact page to an About page (by the way, I have no idea what to put on an About page, so let me know if you have any suggestions. And the first person that says, "Put up your bra size," is getting punched.), update my Photos page with a better iteration of the gallery, fix some div tag problem that nerd boy discovered, and who knows what else.

This is all happening after I go to this Chank + Spunk lecture. Is it just me, or is it funny that my whole office is going to a lecture titled, "Quit Your Job, And Get to Work!"

I need a nap. (Shirt design courtesy of that boy I can't stop talking about.)

Posted April 16, 2003 1:43 PM



That should be a great lecture! Enjoy!

I am so jealous! I didn't even realize this lecture was happening! As far as your "About Me" page goes, you should should definitely delve into the world of hair color, maybe a running set of stats about how many different colors you've had, including repeaters. Or you could measure the circumference of your head.

I wouldn't expect much from the lecture. Realistically, nobody would tell you how to "quit your job, and get to work". It's just another PR and networking session for designers and such. ;(

well, duh.

but i like both of their work, they're nice guys, and it will be interesting to see what they have to say.

I'd say you were About 5'9"

You'll have a RIOT. I recall that your mother and I thought one of those boys would make a great BF for you. Guess which one? Oh, he's married now, anyway. So many lost opportunities.........

So, what is your bra size?

Oh, I have a suggestion (and it's not your bra size iether). Why don't you post things about your friends (the dark little secrets that we all have) just not all of them. It would be quite "scandalous". Or, every family have a number of "secrets" in the closet (mine especially - I am still trying to get the door open to one after I came out of another; pun intended).

Auntie - always the considerate one. if she had dated that boy, she may be married, and then what would become of that one she can't stop talking about?

hey, thanks tortoise.

Jack: Actually, I'm 5' 7"

Spliv: 38D (and you're getting punched)

Auntie: Thanks for resurrecting the blind-date-that-never-happened-and-yet-keeps-coming-up.

Andre: Hi! Hope all is well in DC. Loved the Russia House!