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You Learn Something New Every Day

If you are trying to come to terms with a major life decision regarding whether or not you should move to the other side of the country, away from the swellest new boyfriend ever, to spend a million dollars you don't have on a graduate degree in a field in which you have no hope of making any money after graduation, and which you are no longer even sure you want to pursue as a career, I do not recommend listening to this song. It doesn't help.

Listening to this song does, though.

I'm all about the problem solving.

(Props to Craig at neongreen for his cool pseudo-streaming instructions.)

Posted April 9, 2003 4:07 PM | On This Day: 2006 2004



Thank you! I just finished totally slamming on my air guitar and doing a little jig around the room... I love ya meggie!

(ps - MAD props to Craig. The pseudo-stream rocks!)

Let's see a photo of the new BF. And give us a little bio, baby. To quote your great grandmother Farley, "Who is he and who are his people?" inquiring minds want to know. Did your family send him through the spanking machine yet?



I'm listening and thinking that Brad Pitt is in the wrong line of work. He would makes a great death metal rocker.

I say do what makes you happy?

I am not happy being chained to my desk in my little gray cube pushing buttons like a trained monkey. To change my boring existance I will be enrolling (hopefully) in art school in two years. The money won't be very good (unless you know someone who could be my rich sugar-momma) but that doesn't matter anymore.

Buttons = Bad
Art = Good

i say, "take a chance for once."

i had a friend who bailed on a full scholarship to the school of the art institute of chicago for a girl. he now has 2 rancidly behaved children, an alcoholic ex-wife, lives in a trailer park, and became a born-again christian after the sexual harassment suit.

...not that this would happen to you or anything...

Hey Sam, don't go to art school, read some books and make some art, it saves you money and the pay is the same.

where did you find that first song? I liked the mp3 more than I think I liked fight club. ;)

i think my friend marty in portland sent it to me a while ago...he's a fountain of mp3s.