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How Capital!

I've been talking about it for months, now it's finally here. Tonight I fly to Washington, DC for Caryn's birthday. Laurie and Becca will be there when I get there. Things like this happen when we're all together.

My wi-fi card is installed on my Clie (courtesy of you-know-who), so if my nerd powers work out I'll be doing some wireless blogging from our nation's capitol. Unfortunately there isn't a Clie version of Net Stumbler yet, so in order to get on a network I have to know about it. So, we'll see.

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Let the Games Begin!!!!
See you in a couple of hours!

Hey cool!!

Have fun..

I guess that means that "you know who", who has been amazingly un-available these days.. ;-)
will be around for us to play with again???

I had forgotten all about you know who.. he has bean so pre-occupied with you know who else.. and you all know who I am talking about...

have a great trip

I confused...who's who's you know who?...

who's on first right?

be honest. those cops in that photo are all hired strippers. i know what girls get up to when they get together.

All of you who are wondering how the weekend went....I think Meggie will need about 3 days to recover before she can even attempt to tell this story...


word. I picked her up at the airport and she was very... um, sleeepy. some sort of aversion to loud noises, too. huh, go figure.

WOW!!!!! What a party we had at the Russia House - Sorry you all couldn't be there. I enjoyed taking care of you guys and I really hope you guys will stay in touch (or better still, come by again). Oh, I am still waiting for my "super mode" photo to be posted - hehehehe!!! Ciao
PS Did I miss something at 18th St Lounge????