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Sister Wives

I love my friends Matt and Annette. Sometimes, maybe I love them too much.

Anyway, tonight Annette and I are going to Mell's Beauty Bar. Rumor has it we can get a manicure and a cosmo for $15. Sweet honey in the rock, that's a deal!

Posted April 8, 2003 10:18 AM | On This Day: 2002



Can I come?

Do they do pedicures too? That would seriously make me barf. Toenails and cocktails should never cross paths. Never.

I wish they'd let ugly people go there.


Awww.... where is your sense of adventure mopsa?

Besides I don't think they will actually be stirring the cosmo's with their toes...gotta come to my house for that...

Fuzzy: hmm. and how were you expecting to get into the bar with your under-21 ass? better be careful with your answer; your mother reads this.

P.S. Mops, they only do manicures and chair massages. i heard they let you drink your booze through the massage table face hole. classy!

It's all fun and games til someone snorts a cosmo through their nose and out the face-hole.

Don't worry, my roomate and I make fakes in our dorm room. We figured we'd pick up the hobby since we're strapped for cash. I love you mom.

Cool! A cosmo in the nose and out the face hole... a "Cosmo Orgasmo"

.........it still doesn't beat a Vindaloo a Woo Woo.