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Matte Latte

Remember the picture of Matt and I from St. Patrick's Day? My co-workers and I met for breakfast this morning; the seating arrangement and my latte provided a perfect opportunity for another "still life with pint" photograph. I'm thinking this is going to become a whole series. I'll probably show them all in a very fancy gallery someday. With cheese platters and wine and stuff.

After brunch, we went to this wacky store called 15 Minutes that's like a big scary garage sale. I got the second best hat ever (second only, of course, to the J.Lo hat).

And then I saw the second best dog ever (second only, of course, to Houma the Wonder Dog).

Posted April 4, 2003 12:21 PM



What? no more hat modeling?


Your right, its nowhere near as cool as the J-Lo hat.

How are you not going to have a link to 15 minutes? What a let down. I'm going through link withdrawl.

don't think i didn't try to find one...

Lola and Rizzo are SO PISSED AT YOU!