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Guidance Counseling

"Don't ask what the world needs. Rather, ask what makes you come alive; then go and do it! Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."
- Howard Thurman

Yeah. So. I seriously need to figure out what the hell I want to do with my life.

In other news, tonight The Boyfriend meets The Family. (Except for Nora, who's in Ohio and currently experiencing the family silent treatment because of her not-so-funny April Fool's Joke (which technically is not an April Fool in my opinion because it lasted for like two weeks).) Anyway, hijinks are sure to ensue.

Posted April 6, 2003 1:26 PM | On This Day: 2002



I think you should get married and have some babies. Any takers?

Remember, it will help your taxes!

won't help the taxes, that is what all the talk about marraige penality is all about. As for what the world needs now is another folk singer.. Good luck meeting the parents just remember no one will ever be good enough for a daughter.

I thought Nora's little gag was pretty funny myself. although execution could have been better. I seem to remember some other one-day event lasting for like weeks sometime back in January, um, a birthday or something like that. must be a family thing. speaking of which, great dinner. fun time!

the main difference between the two is that my birthday is NO JOKE.

Marriage won't but babies will. I was assuming she wanted to get married before having the babies

What your site needs is more me. Me stories, me pictures, me anecdotes, me foibles, any reference to me, really, will do. I mean, like, I was at the diner last night. I talked to Jeremy. How about dropping me up in here occasionally? I'm a big hit with webbies. Nerds dig me.

Sorry, I thought your sisters joke was a good one. And Jeremy has a point about your birthday. It may not be a joke, but it was in good fun, yes? Just like your little sister's joke, yes? YES!

your family should consider itself lucky, I learned of a great april fool today.. an acquantence of mine went to a pregnant friend and got her to take a pregnancy test so she would have a positive test and she gave it to her boyfriend. And let him suffer the day before telling him what she had done. He still proposed a couple of days later.

holy crap. that is EVIL.

That prego story makes Lil’ Nora sound pitiful by comparison. That is worse than any storyline from Friends or Dawson’s Creek….even prime-time is afraid of that plot. Although maybe on one of the original Melrose Place episodes…..