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Heavy Lid

Several months ago, I was shopping with my brother Austin at Target. I came across the most wonderful little hat. Austin confirmed that the hat was indeed lovely, so I promptly purchased it.

However, when I put the hat on in front of Becca and Caryn, they started laughing uncontrollably. Becca called it something along the lines of "the worst hat she had ever seen." My mom insisted on taking a photo of me in the hat, which turned out surprisingly in-focus despite her entire body shaking with giggles.

I like to think of it as my J. Lo hat. Because while you might be fooled by the rocks that I got, I'm still Meggie. Meggie from the block.

Do you like my hat?

Stop laughing.

Posted April 3, 2003 10:44 AM



i am not so sure that large hats are the way to go with heads that are as round as ours....(i mean that constructively of course)

I think it suits you.

yes, lyz...the ol' round head issue. the worst is when i try on hats that say "one size fits all" and realize that's a total LIE.

Did you used to have a little, but now got a lot?

There is nothing wrong with big hats. I used to have one until it got stolen from my car at NPS this summer.

I love it - I'd like to get one for myself. We suffer from the same round-face syndrome and it's difficult to find a hat that looks good, but baby you've got it.

I think they're all jealous. It looks dope, yo.

I think the hat is hot - in fact, it's one of the first hats that I've seen you in that doesn't make your head look like a grape. - you used to wear a weird lid that you got in ireland.

Funny - Austin's head looks rounder than yours in that picture.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what does this have to do with me? I'm a little sensitive about my dome size too, and, let me tell you, it's the hair. Sees-ly.

Back off -- Wicky

Somebody tell me I look cute now or I'm going home to cry.

first, I disagree that people with big heads should wear little hats.... think Whimpy of Popeye fame, his small hat made him look comical.. and as for problems with big heads, Merv Griffen has a theory that successful celebrerties have larget then average sized heads, next time you see wheel of fortune, notice how freakishly too big for her body Vannas head is. (or any other Merv Griffen production)

yo yo yo......
If that hat was a little different color...with the outfit you have on on that picture...I'm going to start calling you Casey....

Wooooo woooooo!!! now arriving on track eleven.

Austin--I didn't think your head looked round in the picture I was just amazed at how you looked like my brother with glasses. Not like you've probably seen the kid in 10 years....Anyway, Meghan you pull the hat off a lot better than I could, and my head is at least as big as yours. :)

I think Aragorn likes it.


that hat could quite possibly be the stupidest thing ever. it's not as cool as a fake engagement.

your head is so round. it's like big potato. my head is so big that i tried on a hat at american eagle and i think i ripped a seam. i just walked away slowly and tried to act casual.

It's definitely JLo, the Fly Girl years. You pull it off without looking like you stepped out of 1992. It's HAWT.

girl, you must be a parking ticket, cause you've got FINE written all over you.

Ha, i think that posting comments on my friend's sister's webpage that I got from her cousin in order to prove said friend's eventual false engagement definetly makes me some sort of weirdo.