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Photo Opportunity

Of course the day I forget my Clie at the office is the day I see Rick Kupchella at Emily's Lebanese Deli.

Posted April 2, 2003 2:54 PM | On This Day: 2007



I saw him, you beeyotch. You woulda totally missed him.

it's like the mopsa hates me. why does the mopsa hate me?

it's a jealousy thing.

on second thought, are you sure you don't have an unhealthy obsession with hatred today?

mopsa LOVES you. mopsa spotted Rick Kupchella. mopsa hates no one.

Lesbian Deli?

Yes. yes. We have an agenda.


Lebanese! I am so lost.

I don't know why I'm such a sucker for your stupid links!! I know what your clie looks like and yet I still clicked on it. I guess I was hoping to see you had taken a picture OF your clie WITH your clie or something more original that a link to the Sony site. DAMN!! And then Rick! You stupid son-of-a-bitch I've seen your stupid keester on the picture box, I know who you are, why must I click to Kare 11? Damn you irish-girl!! No more links!!

Who is Rick Kupchella? Sounds like an Italian porn star...