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Weekend Update

I went to see Jennie and her new baby, Martin, on Saturday. I brought him a blanket I knit. He's only two weeks old, so he lays around like a little turtle and just wants you to hold him all the time. So cute.

Saturday night I went to see Bend it Like Beckham with Jeremy, Bill & Jack. It was a very cute movie. Plus, some of the songs on the soundtrack were by Melanie C. (aka Sporty Spice), and we all know how I feel about Spice.

On Sunday, Jeremy and I went to The Tea Garden for these crazy drinks with tapioca bubbles in them. They look sort of like giant caviar (and that's what I look like with no makeup on. Egad!). The drink seems like it has potential, but I need to try a different flavor next time. We both agreed that there seemed to be too many tapioca pearls, so we drove around with the top down, spitting tapioca at passing cars.

Today is such a Monday. I couldn't get out of bed this morning, I forgot my cell phone at home, and am currently in a panic over all the non-fun crap I need to get done: taxes, board meetings, checkbook balancing, bill paying, apartment cleaning, etc. Bah.

Thought of the day: is it just me, or does this Cadbury egg taste like ass?

Posted March 31, 2003 3:09 PM



Board meetings aren't fun?? How come I didn't get that memo?

I'm sorry. Who is Jeremy?

Ahhh - very clever putting the script on the second link...where only your truly committed clickers would find it. ;-)

oh mopsa...you are so funny.

and thanks, natalie. i'm pretty proud of my clever little self there. turns out even girls can do javascript! who knew?

Colour me the uncultured foriegner, but isnt tapioca rice pudding?

Sam, my dear brother, 6 years older than me, taught me at a very age that Tapioca is actually fish eyes.

Here's more information on the mystery known simply as tapioca pearls: http://www.bruceandclark.com/tapiocapearls_nature.htm#ii

The tapioca/fish eyes thing I don't know about - but have you ever dissected a frog's eye? Seriously, the inner part of the eye looks exactly like tapioca. You honestly can't tell the two apart by site alone.

Sight? Site? Which frickin word do I want there? Anyway, you get the point. (I'm becoming illiterate in my old age, forgive me.)

So you embed a clever little Java script reveal in your self published blog, and then forward ME a url to rib me for being a uber geek?????

Hey Girl! Thought you might find this as funny as I did. It's from a generator I came across.

damn that egg looks fine! That eggy got back!

Um... what's that in the left side of the photo? some kind of scooter?

it's a little mini police pedal car. i tried to sit in it today, but my booty is too big.

I want to see it up close! you should have had someone take a picture of you trying to sit in it!

after attempting to sit in the police car, i'm pretty sure my ass looked quite a lot like that cadbury egg.