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Sometimes, on Friday afternoons, my whole office leaves to do something creative. Just to expand our creative horizons and stuff. Today we went to the ROGUE buddha GALLERY and then to The Icebox for the Skin 2003 exhibit. Turns out the ROGUE buddha GALLERY is owned and operated by a guy I went to high school with. Crazy!

While leaving the gallery, we came across this very happy piece of cardboard. Found art!

Speaking of found art, while digging through my Memory Stick today I found this photo of Matt and I at lunch on St. Patrick's Day that I had totally forgotten about. I had a Guinness with my fish & chips. Reckless!

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if they'd frame the image a little better, make it less grainy, adjust the colors, and replace Matt with someone good looking, that could be a great Kieran's add(with the way Kieran's is so prominently displayed).

seriously, babe. You should consider working in Marketing. I know some people who could break you into it...just let me know, ok?

Seriously, babe, you should consider Marketing. I know some people who could break you. Just let Mike know, ok?

I just want to go on the record to say that I look fabulous in that photo.