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File Under: Holy Shit Part Deux

My little sister and her high school sweetheart (also her prom date, I might add) are engaged.

Let the old maid jokes begin!

Posted March 26, 2003 12:37 PM | On This Day: 2006



OH MY GOD! That's crazy news. At least you haven't been dating your boyfriend for EIGHT years..... you will not be alone in the family jokes.

At least your dad doesn't question your orientation from time to time. Ever read "Wussy Boy Manifesto" by Big Poppa E.? That's my life right there.

Just for the record...oh never mind!

she may be marrying her high school sweethart, but you got the convertable. and as for the orientation question.. I had a girlfriend ask me my orientation, I think that beats a dad

yeah, she's a cutie. and she hogged all the skinny genes, too!

Yeah? Well YOU hogged all the BOOB genes!

Girls, girls, girls. All I know is that Lillian called me VERY UPSET last night -- she heard about the engagement from EDDIE MULLEN! And he lives in Wisconsin. You better back pedal Nora and call your cousin -- she's feeling old (20) and so neglected. And what IS up with Justine dating Matt (her high-school sweetheart) for EIGHT years. I see a double wedding here ladies.

Old maid's burglar
A story I'll tell of a burglar bold

Who started to rob a house;

He opened the window, and then crept in

As quiet as a mouse.

He looked around for a place to hide,

'Till the folks were all asleep,

Then said he, "With their money

I'll take a quiet sneak."

So under the bed the burglar crept;

He crept up close to the wall;

He didn't know it was an old maid's room

Or he wouldn't have had the gall.

He thought of the money that he would steal,

As under the bed he lay;

But at nine o'clock he saw a sight

That made his hair turn gray.

At nine o'clock the old maid came in;

"I am so tired," she said;

She thought that all was well that night

So she didn't look under the bed.

She took out her teeth and her big glass eye,

And the hair from off her head;

The burglar, he had forty fits

As he watched from under the bed.

From under the bed the burglar crept,

He was a total wreck;

The old maid wasn't asleep at all

And she grabbed him by the neck.

She didn't holler, or shout or call,

She was as cool as a clam;

She only said, "The Saints be praised,

At last I've got a man!"

From under the pillow a gun she drew,

And to the burglar she said,

"Young man, if you don't marry me,

I'll blow off the top of your head!"

She held him firmly by the neck,

He hadn't a chance to scoot;

He looked at the teeth and the big glass eye,

And said, "Madam, for Pete's sake, shoot!"

ha! that's a real rock star photo of them. cool.

Yeah, I felt pretty stupid when Eddie called me and asked "are Nora and David engaged? I'm talking to him on IM and I think he's just messing with me..."
I told him it couldn't be true, someone DEFINITELY would have called me.
The next day he called and said "ok, now Fuzz is saying the same thing, what's going on?"
Still, I didn't believe it until I talked to Fuzz. Why did I have to hear this from Eddie? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE CALL ME?!

Ah, families - ain't love grand?

Remember, you ain't engaged if you don't got THE ROCK. All together now, "ROCK of AGES cleft for me, let me hid myself in theeeeeee."
And you ain't engaged until Attilla the FAther says you're engaged. . .

This could get interesting real fast. And we all get to watch it unfold right here before our eyes!

Who needs Soap Operas.

OMG - Did your mother just quote Def Leppard?

MJ: Let's just thank our lucky stars she wasn't quoting "Pour Some Sugar on Me," okay?!

You have the coolest mom. I mean, mine can bake...but I doubt she can quote anything post-Beach Boys.

I dunno....... personally I don't think your sister is all that hot. And just for the record, the boyfriend needs to loose the sunglasses and grow a beard or something as he looks like he could use a little more testosterone in his life........

how did my site become "are my sister and i HOT or NOT?"

Hey I didn't start it....But as long as you brought it up......... ;-)

In response to Lilly and her beautiful and dazzling mother, you are going to eventually have to realize that I am an important part of this family...I am the soul, the proverbial crux...the glue that holds you all together. Hell, Nora should be marrying me for chrissake. By the way, yeah, your both hot...Austin and Pat aren't that bad either. The groom, on the other hand, fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. okay, I'm done rambling. Right now I bet most of you are wondering how I even know about this homepage. In response I have three words for you: Soul. Crux. Glue.

just kidding about dave being ugly. he's actually quite dreamy.

Excuse me...did Eddie freaking Mullen just comment on my website?

Looks like they're letting all kinds of riff-raff online these days.

I agree! Eddie Mullen for son-in-law! I've always liked you Eddie.